Oakland 7.23.77

Alameda County Coliseum - July 23, 1977

Rare 8mm footage of Led Zeppelin live in Oakland 1977.

Concert info: http://www.ledzeppelin.com/show/july-23-1977



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up front center i was!!

up front center i was!! ---- on Sat july 23 1977 --
and how did i get there? i arrived at the complex 23 hours earlier. on Friday the 22nd, i arrived the 7th person in this little circle of a line
- lined up outside the parking lot gate.
we, all of those in line, stayed there all day and all night, the line kept growing longer and longer, people were driving by shouting 'Zeppelin!!'
The Head Hunters cruised by. yeah Oakland knows who they are.
one particular instance i will never forget!
a car came by and started honking his horn from the beginning of the line to the end.. which was basically a vanishing point,
i couldnt see the end of the line,
the horn went honnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnk for a mile.

on the 23rd they opened the parking lot gate and we all ran across the parking lot to the ticket gate..
well after 40 people crowded in the front of the line at the parking lot gate, i still managed to make it the 8th person in line to get in to a LED ZEPPELIN concert.. my dream was coming true, he tore my ticket badly! and i ran down the stairs; as Here Comes The Sun by the Beatles was playing over the PA; into the coliseum right out into left field and center field. there were only a few people there, who seemed kinda lost trying to figure out where they wanted to stand.
i had the WHOLE STAGE to choose from where to stand
its like 40 wide and 10 or so foot high. i just found center and backed up a bit, away from the stage, so i could see the drum riser and all of Bonhams drums. i could see the whole stage perfectly . i was standing next to a guy in a wheel chair, on the BEST spot there was to see from. Thanking God i am.
i just sat down watched the whole place fill up around me
i stood there and NEVER moved thru Judas Priest and Rick Derringer..
i didnt even go to the bathroom, or get a drink, or even buy a T-shirt!!
i would have never made it back to this spot if i had left it.
theres no way i will leave this spot.
this is my one and only chance to see Led Zeppelin. my#1
They played 4 and a 1/2 hours.

Robert Plant said at the end,
"How are all of you people getting home?"

It caused me to remember, oh yeah i got dropped off here by my mom yesterday and i have to hitchhike home from oakland to sacramento.
there were already 25 people standing at the freeway hitchhiking before i got there, i was thinking how do i get a ride? how do they know if im going their way? i wrote 'sac' on a little piece of paper but no one could read it.
THEN i looked up and saw a van i recognised and the driver i knew named GLENN and i shouted out to him and he picked me up and drove me to my house 70 miles away. carte blanche treatment for me. i was blessed that day.

we all know they are amazing.
i wouldnt have missed this concert for ANYTHING!!
i was 17
i had to find a job to buy the ticket.
you all know the rest.

Jimmy..Robert, John Paul and John..
It was a perfect day, i didnt hear a missed note or beat.
Thank you for finally coming to Northern California that day for me.
i really felt like the songs were written for THAT DAY
a cosmic thing,

i am a musician now because of Led Zeppelin.
Dazed and Confused LIVE is my anthem. i still dont think people really know what jimmy page is really doing ripping into his endless array of riffs, always staging and supporting his next riff. i dont even know what i am saying, except PAY ATTENTION guitarists.