San Francisco 1973 (8mm film)

Kezar Stadium - June 2, 1973


8mm footage of Led Zeppelin performing at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco, 1973.


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i was there, it was the best show i have ever seen
now they should do what they can while the balloon is still 3/4 full ,what ever the snit is get over it ,cause in the future they will scrape the marrow for the dna ,clone for more ,who knows ,
we've waited ,the o2 cannot be the last shot at this,,,this is still liveable ,and then,just memories,then something to read about, then the great grand band will be known for what all was done ,(that is where we are now?)
so get on with it, the last will shurley never be enough,this is a plea, i'd have said it to all the greats .
so i'am a greedy freaking pig ,,,, but there is so much more before the big vacation....... you guy's are not even using walkers yet! get on with it.WELL THAT'S MY TRY...
i'll leave it with this line from MR. HOPE
always, paul...
p.s. (from me "pbs") wish you all well, ,,steve tyler? don't let me loose my lunch, let it end on high ,don't chop shop what we have , use a super computer or some wizz bang tech ,but no stand in please...