San Francisco 1973 (8mm film)

Kezar Stadium - June 2, 1973


8mm footage of Led Zeppelin performing at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco, 1973.


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Kezar memories

I was in LA and word broke of the concert in SF on 73 tour. I bought two tickets at some Sears store in LA the day before and drove up to SF. We found the stadium and actually parked across the street from one of the main gates. We stayed up most of the night with case of beer and other party goods and finally nodded around 3am. I was shaken awake by my buddy he said, " dude they opened the gates, let's go". It was around 7AM or so and we quickly got in line.

The crush thru the doors was truly scary. My feet were lifted completely off the ground by the crowd pushing thru the doorway. We eventually got to the field and found ourselves maybe 50 ft away from the empty stage.

Fee Waybill tossed buckets of fake coke and quaaludes into the audience during their performance.

We sat there until maybe 10AM, hungover to beat the band until the first band came on. It was Lee Michaels, the Tubes then Roy Harper. Sometime around 3pm I moved from the field up into the stands searching for something to re-hydrate myself. I found myself right next to the entryway for the players behind the stage area, thinking this maybe a good spot if the band enters here.

I was rewarded soon when Jimmy Page and Peter Grant strode thru with some more of the entourage. Some dude next to me blurted out "Yay, Jeff Beck", the very moment I snapped the shot of Page. He looked up at that moment and smiled sort of weakly and moved on. So, even though Pagey will always have that vision of my face associated with that ignominious remark, I got a real keepsake. Also I think the infamous hotel safe and Peter Grant incident was happening at this time.

I later gave it to my what was my best friend at the time and have lost it now forever. I do have a slightly later back shot of Page maybe 20 paces away.