New York 6/14/77 (TSRTS / S.A.) 8mm film

Madison Square Garden - June 14, 1977

Led Zeppelin concert film performing "The Song Remains the Same" and "Sick Again" in New York's Madison Square Garden, June 14, 1977.


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MSG Jun 14,1977

This era/epoch of Led Zeppelin's sound is,I feel,one of the most overlooked and under appreciated(along with 1980).I feel that Bonzo's choice of stainless steel drums has something to do with it.Jones's 8-string Alembic and Plant's near death experience figure largely also into the sound.I am not technical enough to go into Page's amp-config(choice of tubes,bypass,effects and tunings) but,the crisp reverberating tone of those stainless steel drums are a lot!
This is the greatest band the world has ever seen and we're not likely to see another like it at least in our lifetime!