New York 6/14/77 (WLL / R&R) 8mm Film

Madison Square Garden - June 14, 1977

Led Zeppelin performing "Whole Lotta Love / Rock and Roll" in New York's Madison Square Garden, June 14, 1977.


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I was 16

Hey Guys,

I was 16, was and still am from NJ. Vividly remember before the weed riding the bus from East Rutherford then walking to the Garden. There were some nerdy kids on the bus asking us if we were going to see Beatlemania. We snicked and said, no man, we're going to see Zep! It was my dear friend George, his sister Jana and her friend Lisa. We also had cheap seats, I think red tickets, way in the back. I remember them being painfully loud but good. To give you an idea of how loud they were....we stepped out to buy some beer...yeah 16 and they sold us was only George, my self and another couple about 50 yards away. When they started Kashmir, the building actually shook, I remember the 4 of us stumbling and I actually remember holding on the the wall to catch myself from falling. We walked in and there were these incredibly bright white lights shooting straight up from the front of the stage. wow. Zep I though. We left the show early because people started throwing beer bottles from the upper tier into our area. A few people got hit. Not cool. Near the end of the show it had actually gotten uncomfortable loud. This was the night that Page got hit with an ash can that blew up on his hand. He walked off stage. I could go on and on. We heard them play Rock and Roll from the street. I was there.