New York - June 1977 (various 8mm)

Madison Square Garden - June 7, 1977


Rare Led Zeppelin concert footage from New York's Madison Square Garden, June 1977. 


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We Were There

1977 We had to mail into a radio station for tickets which were first come, first serve. My sister Debbie mailed in. We were thrilled to get tickets.  It wasn't until the night of the show atcMadison Square Garden that we realized the tickets were on the floor 22nd row from the stage! I had made a poster on a bedsheet that read "Led Zeppelin,  New York Loves You!" . We stood up on our folding chairs and spread the sheet out over all our heads to the cheers of the entire Madison Square Garden.  People were throwing down firecrackers from the upper levels. The lights went out, Zeppelin came exploding onstage, and people passed joints. We all stood on our chairs throughout the concert. It was magical! Best concert I've ever been to.♡♡♡ Still my favorite band all these years♡♡♡