New York - June 1977 (various 8mm)

Madison Square Garden - June 7, 1977


Rare Led Zeppelin concert footage from New York's Madison Square Garden, June 1977. 


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June 13, 1977 MSG

I had just turned 16 when my 2 best friends and I scored floor seats to the this show. I loved loved loved Zeppelin then, and now, and to this day, it is one of the best shows I've ever seen, and the one concert that never fails to elicit true envy from those I tell about it. Favorite memory: Plant singing Kashmir under a twisting, green laser pyramid. Now, I admit to having consumed a certain chemical compound-drenched sugar cube prior to the show, but I'm sure it was green. Or was it blue... The cherry bombs tossed all around us were definitely real! Loved every second. Thank you, LZ.