Plaza Hotel - New York 1977 (8mm film)

Madison Square Garden - June 7, 1977


Rare 8mm home movie footage of Led Zeppelin at the Plaza Hotel in New York - June 1977. 


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Led Zeppelin was not on my

Led Zeppelin was not on my main plate growing up in the seventies. I listened to them peripherally. I picked up a four disc set of LZ that was squirreled away inside the house. It's 2010 and I have been on an LZ jagfest for over a month. The band was unbelievably talented. Robert Plant's voice was a magnificent instrument. The talent of the other 3 members is unsurpassed I find anywhere. I wish I had been able to appreciate them more when I was younger. ...But hey, that is the beauty of music, it is timeless.

I would have to say they are the best rock band that ever played. When Robert stated the band died with Jon, that's the way it should be. However in their day and now they are the masters.

It is sheer joy to listen to a Led Zeppelin song. - R