Plaza Hotel - New York 1977 (8mm film)

Madison Square Garden - June 7, 1977


Rare 8mm home movie footage of Led Zeppelin at the Plaza Hotel in New York - June 1977. 


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1977 Led Zeppplin Concert @ Madison Square Garden NYC.

My G-d ; Were we all only 16 ?!!!
I remember that concert as if it xere last.summer, well , almost
I d just finished my first yr. @ SUNY @ Stoneybrook ; a " geeky " pre- med. My absolutely gorgeous boyfriend sine Kennefy High, Bib Bies & his older sister got tickrts to all the best concerts & of COURSE I Was THERE !!!!!
It was THE BEST Concert of that year; with the possible
, no, it was the " other " best concert";
Hendrix @ Concerts West ; that was a much dmaller venue & audience & U didn't need a " joint " of UR oen; jyst breathing did it ; but that sultry summer's night @ Madison Sq. W/ The other Jimmy & Robert; that's something that's remained with me & not in the back of my mind , to this day.
It just f-;'@&( rocked.!!!!!!!!!! My home town to its core.
That summer , I had no idea that within a yr. Id become one of Elites first supermodels, have a 3 film contract with Columbia Pictures & have me looking at me all over NYC.
Nor could I know in that crazy paced life, that id settle in the country just north of London, marry an English aristo. ; Lord Charles Brocket aka Charlie. & start hsving babies; our first Son & hier ; Alex , b. in Sept. , jyst 5/6 summers later .
Life IS stanger than fiction.