Since I've Been Loving You - NY 1973

Madison Square Garden - July 27, 1973

Clip of "Since I've Been Loving You" performed live in New York 1973, from "The Song Remains the Same" dvd.


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They started it all for us..our own Stairway to Heaven!

At 16 years of age this was my first rock concert. I didn't know what to expect arriving that night at the Los Angeles Forum.  The year was 1977. I had played classical piano from 5 yrs. old. My father bought me my first electric guitar from a local pawn shop. I didn't yet have a girlfriend, but wanted one. Led Zepplin for me meant keyboards, radical guitar, and girls, girls,and more girls.  They over delivered...they were simply the hottest band in the world...they sold me hook, line and sinker.  Every song they played that night was like they were playing it just for me. They were telling "my story". Perhaps that "is" what a rock and roll story is all about. It was about who we were as people,  our lifestyle, our way of thinking, our culture. Nearly thirty years later and I am still a rocker.  I finally got the girlfriend and now have own family. And in fond memory I can still hear Robert Plant singing, "...and she's buying, a Stairway to Heaven".