NY 6-10-77 (8mm film)

Madison Square Garden - June 10, 1977


Led Zeppelin live concert film clips, New York, June 10, 1977. (courtesy: J.Peterson)

Concert info: http://www.ledzeppelin.com/show/june-10-1977


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Week of Zeppelin ~ June 7th to 14th, 1977

Does anybody remember the week of these Zeppelin shows in NYC? The whole city was taken over by Zeppelin fanatics. I remember bumping into fellow fans in eating places and the record stores for blocks away. It was a great feeling being a teen and also being surrounded by Blimp Mania. I saved the Daily News articles as well as my ticket stubs, jerseys and program. the radio station WPLJ gave out a button at the ticket gates of Madison Square Garden. I saw three shows out of the six and when the lights went down the first night I remember questioning the reality of the evening. I actually could not believe that my favorite band was going to walk out on stage. It was every bit that you could ever imagine and more. I remember it being extremely loud but also note for note/vocal for vocal was clear as a bell. Robert's voice was on the money every night. The video clips bring back so many great memories. When Zeppelin came to town it was not just a concert it was an event. To think they would still have the drawing power all these years later is amazing.