Fillmore East - Jan 31, 1969 (8mm film)

Fillmore East - January 31, 1969

8mm film of Led Zeppelin opening for Iron Butterfly at New York's Fillmore East (8pm show), during their first U.S. tour. (Film by Dennis DiMatteo)


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I was a student at Archbishop Molloy High School a year or so before Zeppelin surfaced. I was walking down the hallway past the bulletin board one afternoon when I noticed an 8x10 flyer posted to the board announcing a show for The Yardbirds to be held at Christ The King High School the next day.

Puzzled, and somewhat startled, I went into the principal's office to inquire and was told that it was some English band.

I went. It cost $2. They couldn't even fill the gym, so they played in the cafeteria. They did all of their standards plus the new stuff which was the end for them. Page used his violin bow for Happenings Ten Years Time Ago. On a stage that was barely large enough to hold them.