Cleveland 7-20-69 (Slideshow)

Musicarnival - July 20, 1969


Photo slideshow: Cleveland's Musicarnival, July 20th, 1969, with Led Zeppelin and James Gang.


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Yes we were there...

As aspiring 14 year old guitar players, my friend Rick somehow obtained tickets to this show and got a ticket for me as well. His parents were nice enough to drive us to the concert, As memory serves me, an announcement was made to the effect that someone went down the road to Sears and brought back a 20 dollar guitar. It was restrung on the stage and Jimmy played a twenty minute solo on it. Being 14 and taking note of every detail of the show, he played a Hiwatt amp and I knew I had to have one. I did get one a few years later only to find out the sounds he created on records were done with various other equipment, Arriving home after the show indeed, the parents were watching men walk on the moon on TV, I thought I had just seen a far more exciting show :) Check out youtube for the Zep videos with Jason Bonham on drums... Awesome..