Cleveland 7-20-69 (Slideshow)

Musicarnival - July 20, 1969


Photo slideshow: Cleveland's Musicarnival, July 20th, 1969, with Led Zeppelin and James Gang.


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Rare Led Zeppelin clips

I'm 47male I live in L.A. CA. When I was very young I did not understand why people liked music. When I was a teenager my friend from school told me that a certain radio station was going to play the entire "physical graffiti" album very late at night. I had been listing to rock music by that time but nothing really struck me as something worth buying a record. That night I listened to that radio playing that record. It was like I dissolved a ton of gold. Every song was different and excellent. It was my Epiphany and the first record I purchased was Led Zeppelin II record. I was hooked and I was obsessed with them. Every record they release was bought including books, magazines..etc. My friends were Zep heads too. I bought a drum kit and never looked back. My friends and I were excited about the 1980 tour. I was too young to see there previous tour. Unfortunately Bonzo died and I was heart broken and cried. I did get to see Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck in 1983 for the Ronny Lane tour. I have seen tribute bands. Them when the DVD double set came out in 2003? (Not Sure What Year) it was like finding more gold nuggets and can not get enough. I hope they will tour in the future even though a couple of members will be missing. I will die happy. Thank you Jimmy for keeping Zep alive and hope. Led Zeppelins music is timeless. I knew it would be since 1980. My son is 13 and likes some Zep songs especially the DVD's. Other teenagers also like your music. timeless, forever.