Cleveland 10-24-69 (Slideshow)

Public Hall - October 24, 1969


Photo slideshow of Led Zeppelin performing at Cleveland's Public Hall, October 24, 1969.


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Led Zeppelin the best!!!!

This is my cry,the cry of the new generation! know the past of Led Zeppelin, all that has happened,the reasons but your past is our present and future!Always will love John Bonham, the unbridgeable gap that is left!Some may understand more closely the pain of a father as Robert Plant ...But with all due respect, I will... continue to think that it is impossible that Led Zeppelin can no longer perform, that 2007 was the last chance to hear them!My cry was born just to say to Led Zeppelin, my legendary and unsurpassed Jimmy Page: WE COME! We love Led Zeppelin since they were born, even though we of this generation! WE COME!!We are waiting for YOU!!!WE LOVE YOU!!