Knebworth 8.11.79 (fan footage)

Knebworth Festival - August 11, 1979


Super8 film - fan footage from the Knebworth festival, August 11th, 1979.


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Wow! This put me right back

Wow! This put me right back there. I made it there along with my two brothers only because my dad worked for Air Canada, so we had free tickets. Barely ate or slept but the sacrifice was so worth it.

The bow Jimmy pulled out was the most amazing musical experience I have had since.

This was one of the highlights of my adventures of life.

30 years later I met Jimmy and Robert behind the Montreal Forum after the Page And Plant show. Igot Jimmy's autoghraph he was very gracious when I asked. Roberts body guard was a bully and shoved me away, but Robert said hi just the same.

Peace, Brenda Norman