NY 7.28.73 (8mm)

Madison Square Garden - July 28, 1973


8mm film of Led Zeppelin live at Madison Square Garden, July 28, 1973


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RE: Spectacular Footage

I can't say I was at this show but my first cousin Matt was there. I didn't make it to the Garden of Zeppelin delight until four years later in June of 1977. I saw them perform three out of the six nights thanks to that very same cousin's younger brother Mark, who is also my first cousin and I haven't stopped thanking him since... This footage here is glorious and is just awesome to see unedited {TSRTS} and in its original form. I don't know who has these clips but I am sure thankful they are giving them to this website for everyone to enjoy. Thank God for video cameras and thank two Gods for Led Zeppelin.