Greensboro 1977

Coliseum (NC) - May 31, 1977


Never-before-seen live concert film clips of Led Zeppelin performing "The Song Remains the Same" in Greensboro, NC, May 31, 1977 (John Bonham's 29th birthday). Special thanks to "J.P." for the film. 

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Greensboro bound

I was a sophomore in high school when I heard the mighty Led Zeppelin was on tour again. I knew I had see them.... I read in Circus or Hit Parader that they were coming as close as Greensboro, so I mailed in a money order and bought three tickets. Two of these were to barter a ride as I didn't think my '68 bug would make the trek. I didn't care if it was a school night either. I told my mom I was going and she understood.

Me and 4 other classmates skipped school early and headed out in Shane's '64 Galaxie 500. It over heated on the way and we had to piss in the radiator to get it back on the road. A NC trooper stopped to ask if we needed assiatance as well, luckily he didn't hassle us.

We made it to Greensboro for the concert and thoroughly enjoyed it. I took some grainy Polaroids before and during the show and bought a T-shirt too. It was awesome! Three plus hours of superb music. Best time EVER!!

I got home about 4:30 a.m. but had to get up for school the next morning, and I didn't even care. I had just seen "the greatest band on Earth" the night before and no one could take that away from me!  My friends and I were the envy of all the cool kids after that trip.   

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