Greensboro 1977

Coliseum (NC) - May 31, 1977


Never-before-seen live concert film clips of Led Zeppelin performing "The Song Remains the Same" in Greensboro, NC, May 31, 1977 (John Bonham's 29th birthday). Special thanks to "J.P." for the film. 

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I remember it like yesterday

I was there! Jimmy Page missed the flight to Greensboro from NYC. The show started 2 hours late,but Zep delivered. The show went on till past midnight.
Really hot opening set,great acoustic set and a blistering last set.
We all sang happy birthday to Bonham.
Sadly,it was their last visit of Greensboro. i was among the lucky ones to see them both times they played Greensoro.
Thanks for the great shows guys....and..thanks for getting this vid posted!!