Los Angeles 6-22-77

The Forum - June 22, 1977


8mm fan footage of Led Zeppelin live in Los Angeles, June 22, 1977.


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I was THERE!!

FINALLY found the exact night I was there. I remember Robert plant's outfit as if it was yesterday & this is the night I was there!! GREAT show...in my opinion, they were more "ON" this night then many of the other 77' Forum dates. Plant hit all his lilting high notes, and seemed to be entirely in his mystical zone that night. The drum solo of "Moby Dick" went on FOREVER that night, but, Bonzo rocked it! I remember the green laser light show around Jimmy Page as he played his dual-necked guitar, which is right when rumours were swirling that he was the devil, so, it made it all the more astonishing. I remember Robert Plant introducing his wife who was sitting in the 1st few rows in front of the stage. I also remember a giant beach ball being thrown around the audience & one of the giant bodyguards at the foot of the stage, grabbed it, and held it. At which point, Robert Plant stopped the song (I think it was "Stairway to Heaven"?) and took it from the bodyguard and threw it back to the audience while saying "Let the little children play." I remember all the lights(Bic Lighters) flickering in the audience, and I remember the sexuality of a 15 year old girl being awakened by Robert Plants hips! Damn that boy can sway!! GREAT night...I will never forget it. LONG LIVE LED ZEPPELIN!!