Landover 5-30-1977

Capital Centre - May 30, 1977


Led Zeppelin - Live @ the Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland, May 30, 1977. Vince Cavo and friends document their road trip from Utica, NY to see Zep in concert, including clips from the show.

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1 of 4 Sold Out Nights!

A completely totally amazing and fantastic show. All 4 nights! The old Cap Centre (flattened and a shopping mall now) was a nightmare for sound men. The Pringles potato chip shaped shaped ceiling created havoc for most bands. The 1st Van Halen concert there painfully sucked. First night for Zepp started out a bit rough, though the other three nights were awesome once tweaked!

There is a great soundboard boot of one night of this venue date. Brings back happy memories. Back then you could bring in double chamber US Bongs. The Capital Centre would have a thick foggy haze of assorted smoke hanging high in the air an hour prior to the first note being played. Good times.