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August 31, 1971

Orlando, FL US

Sports Stadium


Immigrant Song, Heartbreaker, Since I've Been Loving You, Dazed and Confused, Black Dog, Stairway to Heaven, Celebration Day, That's the Way, Going to California, What Is and What Should Never Be, Moby Dick, Whole Lotta Love (medley incl. Let That Boy Boogie, My Baby Left Me, Mess of Blues), Organ solo / Thank You.


Press Review: The Sights & Sounds of Led Zeppelin In Concert – Heavy

Led Zeppelin has come and gone at the Orlando Sports Stadium, and like the lead man blurted over the din of thousands of wildly cheering voices and clapping hands, ‘Man, I don’t believe this place.’

It was, in a word, unbelievable. And in another, perhaps more acceptable word, heavy – very heavy.
The youths – universally and collectively long-haired, bell-bottomed, braless hot panted, haltered and Hang Ten – began arriving with blanket rolls and seat cushions as early as five o’clock to find choice sears for a show still three hours away.

Then at 8 p.m., or close to starting time as any rock group ever has gotten, the house lights went out and Zeppelin exploded into life in a pink, purple and yellow electric haze and magnetized the audience.

There was no second group on the billing to fill the gaps, because there were no gaps. Zeppelin and Zeppelin alone gave their audience two and a half solid hours of unremitting rock in one of the most professional rock shows we’ve seen. No light show, very little talk – just music.

And good music. Too often, audiences are disappointed with their favorite performers when they hear them live. Some groups just can’t cut it in a live performance, depending on complicated electronic studio mixing to make tapes and records sound good. No so with Zeppelin. They are good by themselves and powerful. They ripped through their greatest hits, including Whole Lotta Love and Living Loving Maid (??), and the moving drum solo on Moby Dick went on for at least 15 minutes.

Zeppelin gave a well-timed presentation, leveling off around 9pm from their initial burst of energy, then coming back for a long and strong finale of selections that recaptured the crowd immediately and held them to the end. [Orlando Today, 9-71]

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Submit your personal review of a particular show you attended, updates, corrections, etc., which will be considered for addition to the official online archive.You may also contact the webmaster at: webmaster@ledzeppelin.com

11 years old at THAT concert

Please let me preface this by saying that I am NEARLY ashamed that I BARELY remember this day in ROCK history. Nevertheless... I WAS THERE! : )

I was 11 years old in 1971. It was, as far as I remember, the day before the FIRST day of school, August 31, 1971 (I may be wrong. ..been a LONG time...) My oldest sister, Janet, (RIP, 04-23-02) had convinced my father to let me go with her and her friends (Jimmy Machek was one of...) to a concert in Orlando, FL. My Father said "NO!" and my Mother said, as you guessed it, "YES!" You see... I was raised on "Rock 'n' Roll all my life. I had NO idea what to expect other than hearing their music on the radio, turntable & 8-Track at home, but I was about to see the GREATEST rock band of ALL TIME!

I do remember arriving at the Stadium. The HORDES of people and the entrance to the Orlando Sports Stadium. After parking and getting to the Marque at the Entrance to the Stadium, I remember panicking. I felt like I was about to suffocate and die from ALL the people bunched into, what seemed like a can of human meat, a HUGE Ocean of flesh. My sister told Jimmy toe put me on his shoulders and watch out for me. I remember when the guy taking tickets asked for ours, Janet said that the guy behind us had all the tickets for the group we were in. If I remember correctly, the tickets were $4 or $6 a piece. That is where MEMORY fails me, for the most part. I DO remember the "Lemon Song" and a few others. The other thing that I remember (like it happened today) is contact with Page & Plant. I was sitting on Jimmy's shoulders next to Janet (ALL of us right a the stage) when Robert Plant reached down from the stage and grabbed my arm. You see at this point of the Concert I was not feeling very well, and Jimmy told me to lean on the stage (staged are FAR different that those days). It just so happened that where we were "stage left" was. (stage to the right from the audience ) While feeling like I was about to "vomit", I just rested. Then... I looked up and there were Robert Plant & Jimmy Page RIGHT above me on stage. Robert reached down and grabbed my right arm, trying to pull me up on stage...