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February 6, 1975

Montreal, QC CA

Montreal Forum


Rock and Roll, Sick Again, Over the Hills and Far Away, In My Time of Dying, The Song Remains the Same, Rain Song, Kashmir, No Quarter, Trampled Underfoot, Moby Dick, Dazed and Confused (incl. San Francisco), Stairway to Heaven, Whole Lotta Love, Black Dog, Heartbreaker.


'75 North American Tour Programme

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Press Review #1: The  Rock show in Montreal: Led Zeppelin drives audience wild

MONTREAL -- The last of the loud British supergroups — Led Zeppelin — dropped its heavy metal rock on a packed house of 20,000 fans at the Forum here last night. The four-man group stomped and hammered its way through three hours of deafening rock, before a wildly enthusiastic audience.

Outside the arena, a police riot squad stood by ready to avoid a repeat performance of a riot which marked the visit of the Rolling Stones in the summer of 1972. However, there were no incidents.

Extra police were also assigned to curtail scalpers, some of whom claimed to be getting up to $50 for a single $7.50 ticket. Those who were lucky enough to have tickets heard a cross- section of the group's music over the past seven years, as well as new songs from an upcoming album, Physical Graffiti.

Guitarist Jimmy Page, dressed in black suit trimmed with silver sequins, played well despite the fact that he was suffering from a broken bone in the third finger of his left hand.

Vocalist Robert Plant bare chested and flopping his long, blond hair, was often overpowered by the sledgehammer drumming of John Bonham. John Paul Jones played well on the bass and keyboard.

Even, better than the music at times was the elaborate light show which turned the stage into a fantasy of revolving chrome spheres, and ever - changing color patterns on a veil backdrop.

The group flew in earlier yesterday from New York aboard a chartered $2 million Starship Jet, the same one used Elton John on his tour.
They returned to New York immediately afterwards, and they play there tonight. (A. Ferrante, Feb. 1975, Star)


Press Review #2: Led Zeppelin at the Forum


Nearly 20,000 fans packed the Montreal Forum last February 6, to see and hear Led Zeppelin's performance.

It was a thrilling moment for me when I caught my first glimpse of them. There was a majestic air about the sight of them on stage, and throughout the concert everyone seemed to be held in awe.

I was amazed to hear the multitude of sounds emanated by lead vocalist Robert Plant. He explained that this concert would be a spectrum of their work beginning with their latest album, "Physical Graffiti", soon to be released.

After the first hour they moved on to some of their earlier recorded songs. "No Quarter" featured John Paul Jones playing synthesizer and synthesized bass. John Bonham pleased the audience playing a thirty minute drum solo during "Moby Dick". He utilized a phase shifter, a device which makes the sound seem like it's traveling around the room, and had his tympani fed into a synthesizer that made him produce some unearthly sounds. At times I wasn't sure what instrument he was playing.

Jimmy Page demonstrated his musical creativity when he played his guitar with a violin bow, giving a whining sound to "Dazed and Confused".

They closed the concert with "Stairway to Heaven" during which hundreds of fans held lit matches in appreciation of their performing the song. Page's solo during the song was somewhat disappointing to me. He played some mushy chords instead of the vivid, clean fretwork I expected. The whole song seemed a little under par
Five minutes of continuous applause and yelling "We want more" brought them back for an encore with the crowd pleasers, "Whole Lotta Love" and "Black Dog", but that wasn't enough. Their second encore "Heartbreaker" brought the evening to a close after three and a half hours on stage.

Led Zeppelin is a professional group is every sense of the word. Their stage etiquette was the best I’ve ever seen. There are a lot of phony glitter groups on the market today that put on stage shows with smoke, fog and psychedelic lighting. Most of them need the diversions to cover up poor musicianship and writing ability. Zeppelin uses these devices to accent their music, not as a substitute for it. If they did they  wouldn't be on top of their field as they are today. [A. MARCUCCIO/Feb.75]

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Submit your personal review of a particular show you attended, updates, corrections, etc., which will be considered for addition to the official online archive.You may also contact the webmaster at: webmaster@ledzeppelin.com

Best Concert of my life

"This ticket deserves to go to a real die-hard Led Zeppelin fan." My life would never be the same.I stood there in shock.My friend Mark had just asked me to take the bus trip to Montreal for the Feb 6,1975 concert.

In the early hours of Feb 6,my father dropped me off at a Toronto gas station/meeting point.The coach ride was an exibition of 1970`s herbal excesses.Half way to Quebec,the driver pulled over,opening all windows and doors,allowing airborne substances that had engulfed the interior like a sweet smelling cloud to escape. After trudging through cold,slushy Montreal streets,we entered the electrically, super-charged Montreal Forum.My seat was around the blue line,up from Jimi Pages gear.

This was the golden age of glitter/hard rock music. An FM radio DJ casually walked up to a single mic stand and introduced the band in French and English.The house lights went down and the famous arena turned into a sea of lighters and human anticipation.Flashlights created sillouettes of ghostly figures,breaking the darkness of the stage.

The thundering drums of "Rock n Roll" announced to all. Led Zeppelin had landed in full force in Canada.

A sea of floodlights brought Jimi Page,in the black dragon suit,Robert Plant in bell bottom jeans.....blond hair flying to life. JPJ,in a suit and John Bonham sporting a bowler hat were visual suprises.

My father had loaned me his binoculars so I was virtually on stage with the band.It was surreal to see fingers move,sweat and facial expressions so close.To this day these memories are as clear as a bell. Highlights of the show are infinite.

- Jimi Page taking center stage to start "In my time of dying" with spotlights on him alone

-JPJ played amazing bass during "IMTOD" I watched his fingers dance all over the middle part of the "fretless neck.

-KASHMIR.....simply the most amazing concert experience I have ever witnessed.Rotating lights,swirling mirror balls,spinning mood creating colors along with JPJ`s mellotron gave the Forum an oceanic,desert feel.The phasing on Bonham`s drums and Jimi`s guitar propelled a hypnotic vocal performance by Robert Plant.This was the first time we had heard this song!!!!! Physical Graffiti would not be released for several weeks!!!! JPJ`s bass pedals shook the venue`s foundation with earthquake force,vibrations coming from state of the art SHOWCO PA stacks

-TRAMPLED UNDERFOOT, another new song featured Jones on the funky sounding Clavinet/bass pedals.Large rotating light cabinets gave the stage a drag race atmosphere.Jimi and Robert moved all over the stage.....never standing still for one second.John Bonham,as he did all night.....sat high above everyone else and oversaw all the proceeding s like a conquering hero.

-MOBY DICK featured the clear,orange Ludwig drums and an amazing light show.You could see Mick Hinton in the identical "Clockwork Orange" attire that John was sporting..(remember I had the high power binoculars!!)

-DAZED and CONFUSED served up the same spectacular offerings.......the bow solo was great

The HEARTBREAKER/WHOLE LOTTA LOVE medley at the end was sort of anti-climactic at the time........we had been blown away by all the new numbers.........I appreciate it now with older more appreciative ears.........I was 17 at this time.

We had to rush out of the Forum right after the show to catch the bus.I don`t remember much of the trip back home.The feeling and energy from that show has stuck with me to this day.

From that point on I have compared every show to that one and to this day Feb 6 1975 stands alone as the best.