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April 9, 1977

Chicago, IL US

Chicago Stadium


The Song Remains The Same, (The Rover intro) Sick Again, Nobody's Fault But Mine, Since I've Been Loving You, No Quarter, Ten Years Gone.


77 programme

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 The show lasts only an hour as Jimmy becomes ill with food poisoning. Additional shows in Chicago are later scheduled for August 2nd and 3rd.

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Submit your personal review of a particular show you attended, updates, corrections, etc., which will be considered for addition to the official online archive.You may also contact the webmaster at: webmaster@ledzeppelin.com

I was there too

I remember that tickets had to be ordered thru some weird deal via a Chicago Tribune insert/coupon sort of thing. We got bung seats behind the mesh curtain directly behind the band...(lucky in retrospect....because of our "fly on the wall" birdseye view of Jimmy's onstage decline) I have been searching for others to back up my story of this show because no one seems to want to believe me that this happened. I remember the intense energy from the crowd. I remember Robert pleading (firmly, with intensity) during the show to refrain from the rude setting off of fireworks...People were just being stupid and rude, even before Jimmy took his exit. I was surprised they even played "No Quarter" to it's end ...And I am glad to see that someone else remembered that "Ten Years Gone" was actually played...sadly, the last ever in Chicago. It was a miracle that we all got out of there without a riot, considering the outright rudeness of certain individuals at the beginning and during the show, and Robert's early threats to stop playing if the matter wasn't brought under control. After "Ten Years Gone" it was announced the band would take a "break", which confused alot of people - not everyone knew Jimmy was bending over and being sick onstage, but they did remember Robert's threats to stop the concert earlier. I think it was a true Chicago miracle that the people in the Chicago Stadium that night did not bring down the rafters, or riot in anger and frustration. The place was literally vibrating with the footstomping and jeering. The "Andy Frains" were looking around in what seemed like fright, and the energy was contagiously dangerous. The delay was taking way too long. It was Robert who came out and announced Jimmy could not return to play that night...my mind is foggy about the actual things he said..did he say "Montezuma's Revenge" or was that written in the rags later? And also I recall a hint of an "all request show" later in the year to make up for the loss. Then, people started filing out, in true Chicago spirit, optimistic but certainly buzzkilled. That could have been a very bad, bad scene indeed if Robert had not finally returned to explain the situation. But from our view, we knew Jimmy was sick, we saw it happen, and knew the truth. But not very many others had our "crappy seats" and thought Jimmy was too "high" to play. He certainly tried to rally, we knew something was not right backstage during "No Quarter".(Another foggy moment, were the blasts going off during "No Quarter"? It would make sense since it was pretty early in the first set for such a tune) For Jimmy to have pushed into "Ten Years Gone" might have been a bit too much, but to this day I feel lucky to have had that experience to have seen that particular tune live for the last time ever in Chi- Town. My gut feeling was that we would not ever get a chance to experience that promised show, and after the tragic riot in Florida, then the death of Robert's son, the passing of Bonzo pretty much sealed the end of Zep as a touring band for ever. Thanks to all the souls there that night for not turning it into an even more tragic event. The energy was ripe for disaster for sure. Despite the idiots who claimed that the band was pissed about the firecrackers and made excuses to stop the show,or the others gossiping about why Jimmy was ill, I have this to say..I was behind the mesh curtain behind the band in the "oversell" area, but I got to witness a very intimate, if unfortunate, piece of Zep History and I'm glad to hear from others who were there. Thirty years gone, the memories, although bittersweet, may not remain the same after all.