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April 10, 1977

Chicago, IL US

Chicago Stadium


The Song Remains The Same, (The Rover intro) Sick Again, Nobody's Fault But Mine, In My Time of Dying, Since I've Been Loving You, No Quarter, Ten Years Gone, Battle of Evermore, Going to California, Black Country Woman, Bron-Y-Aur Stomp, Trampled Underfoot, White Summer ~ Black Mountainside, Kashmir, (Out On the Tiles intro) Moby Dick, Jimmy Page solo, Achilles Last Stand, Stairway to Heaven, Rock and Roll.

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Submit your personal review of a particular show you attended, updates, corrections, etc., which will be considered for addition to the official online archive.You may also contact the webmaster at: webmaster@ledzeppelin.com

The resurection of Jimmy Page

It was Easter Sunday, April 10, 1977.
The news over the radio was that Jimmy page walked off the stage the night before due to the flu (as I remember it.) and there was a possibility that the show for that night may indeed be cancelled. We weren’t taking any chances though.
We arrived a little late at the stadium and as we walked towards the entrance there was no doubt that Zeppelin had taken the stage, and you could hear the distinct sound of Page, Plant, Jones and Bonham, the hard driving rock-n-roll heavy metal signature kick ass and take everyone prisoner antics.
To say this concert was loud is an understatement.
By the time we got to our seats the band was playing Nobody’s fault from their “Presence” album. I was amazed how much sound came from only three played instruments. Plant was belting out the songs and it was incredible thing to watch and realize that these four musicians are something special.
Page commanded the show with his fiery guitar licks and an ability to run and jump while never missing a note.
That was the most phenomenal thing I remember. The absolute precision in which Jimmy Page played that Les Paul. In the air, over his head, behind his back. Totally awesome.
At one point Page played his guitar with a laser beam that swirled around him until the speed in which he played lifted it off of him as a visual effect.
Now if Jimmy Page was sick the night before, he certainly did not show it.
There was a magical energy in the Chicago Stadium that night.
For three hours Zeppelin poured their hearts out and finished the concert with “Stairway to Heaven” and walked off the stage.
It is at that time the spotlights took aim at the mirrored disco ball slowly rotating in the rafters of the stadium. Now this was something I has never experienced before but there came a moment when the disco ball stopped rotating and the Stadium began to move. I remember feeling that I had just participated in one of the most memorable moments in the history of my life.
Zeppelin encored with Rock n Roll and with that the lights were turned on and the show was over.
That was more than thirty years ago as of this writing and while going through some of my packed away items I came across that ticket stub.
Someday when my grandchildren are sitting on my lap and they ask me what is that you have hanging on the wall there. It’s not even a picture.
I will say I was there with the legends;
Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham.
I was part of the Greatest Rock N Roll Bands of Heavy Metal.: Led Zeppelin…even if it was only for three hours.