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April 30, 1977

Pontiac, MI US

Pontiac Silverdome


The Song Remains The Same, (The Rover intro) Sick Again, Nobody's Fault But Mine, In My Time of Dying, Since I've Been Loving You, No Quarter, Ten Years Gone, Battle of Evermore, Going to California, Black Country Woman, Bron-Y-Aur Stomp, White Summer ~ Black Mountainside, Kashmir, (Out On the Tiles intro) Moby Dick, Jimmy Page solo, Achilles Last Stand, Stairway to Heaven, Rock and Roll, Trampled Underfoot.


77 programme

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Zep plays to largest audience ever for single-act rock show

The attendance at Led Zeppelin's Silverdome concert tonight triumphantly shattered the band's own previous attendance record, a number unmatched by any other group in the last four years.

The audience of 77,229 at the Silverdome is the largest audience for a single-act concert. The previous record was 56,800 set in May 1973 at a Zeppelin show in Tampa Bay. On that historic day, the group surpassed the Beatles' 1965 attendance record of 55,000. Making a sum of £467,000 tonight, Led Zeppelin has finished the first leg of its 11th tour of North America. Upon returning, the band will tour the southern United States, beginning May 18 in Birmingham, Ala. [AP]

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Submit your personal review of a particular show you attended, updates, corrections, etc., which will be considered for addition to the official online archive.You may also contact the webmaster at: webmaster@ledzeppelin.com

Wild Concert Journey - Top This Show? You Can't!!!

I have been to over 250 concerts, I have seen all the top bands in the land over the last 34 years. My first concert was at Tampa Stadium with Yes in 1974. Little did I know how much my world was going to get my world rocked 3 year later.

Let's start with me buying the tickets. When it was anounced that Led Zeppelin tickets would be going on sale I knew I had to be there come Hell or High Water. I think back and wondered if I didn't step up to the plate and depended on my friends to buy the tickets if I would have seen the show. I worked for State of Michigan and had to call in sick to make journey.

Buying the tickets was as good a story as going to the show!!

I thought I was prepared for the drive but I wasn't planning on 100 miles one way in a fricking white out blizzard to buy tickets, but that is what happened.
I arrived at the Silverdome parking lot the night before to make sure I had a place in line for history. The parking lot was covered in snow and it was piling up through the night. I wish camcorders were in existence then. It was a sight to SEE! Everyone that pulled in to the parking parked their car HALF ASSED any which way they could in the snow and walked away. I thought WoW this is going to be ONE BIG mess when everyone wants to leave after they get their tickets. People were huddled around 55 gallon barrels with fires burning in them through the night in the parking lot like it was set up for the homeless. Guess what music was blaring from Every stereo playing in the Silverdome parking lot. I will give you a clue, it wasn't THE WHO. I thought I was Universal Studios for a movie shoot, it was Sooo crazy!! We all froze our asses off waiting the tickets to go on sale but looking back at history it was SO worth IT!!

Now we are at daylight with a few hours till the tickets go on sale. I think it was 10 am. Our crowd was restless, all we wanted was our Zep tickets, nothing else! It was an hour or so before ticket sale time. There was a temporary cyclone fence put up to keep the riff raft out (which would be us). A couple of guys climbed on the fence and were standing there, with security on the other side. The Fence Boys started getting us all riled up to get our tickets. They stirred us up Good. We all started pushing on the fence, the security guards stood shoulder to shoulder showing their force, thinking we would back off. WRONG!! After we all started hanging and pushing on the fence we knocked it down and charged the ticket booths. They had seperate ticket booths lined up, with the stainless steel countertops. The guards were no match for the Zeppelinite army! I was second in line at the ticket outhouse I was in line at. I had my arms around the waist of the guy in front of me. I was doing this because everyone was trying to pull everyone back to better their place in line. Pandemonium with a capital "P" Check this out, after you bought your tickets you couldn't turn around and leave with them. It was like facing the dragon, your other and only SANE choice was to climb on the steel countertop and jump off to the rear of the booths. Good luck on getting your car out of the parking lot. Nucking FUTS!

SCORE!! I have all the tickets in hand, I AM GOING TO LED ZEPPELIN!

All of my friends were elated (You Bitches, why didn't you go them?) But what are friends for??

Fast Forward to April 30, 1977
Our friend drove his 1962 Ford Econoline Van (Gutted out on the inside) with 2 seats and a Pioneer Supertuner, analog cassette with (2) 6 x 9 speakers. 6 of us made the 100 mile journey north, we kicked it off with a ceremony for High Times (the magazine) and a salute to the Doobie Brothers. We all had our wallets and our bags and beverages. On the way up we didn't want the bathroom techicians to work overtime at the gas stations so we only stopped at corner phone booths on busy streets to drain our bladders. We made two additional stops to pick up a couple of people hitch hiking going to the show. Now we have 8 in our van. So we had quite the array of herbalness to sample from. I forgot to bring the toothpicks for to prop our eyes open after all that.

At the show: When we arrived at the Silverdome it was quite the pre-concert atmosphere. Frisbees, Stoners (Including us), Great music playing on the sound system, and lets not forget the Ladies to look at. Our seats weren't on the field, we were above. I watched others jump the wall (at least 15) only to have security hone in on them and and to their dismay, escort them back to their assigned sections. It was like trying to make it over the Berlin wall, or getting into Willie Wonka's factory without a ticket. Since my senses were greatly in tune, due to the sweet leaf, I thought I would give it my best shot. I watched the lower level arena security like a mother robin in her nest. I planned my move and made the jump, landed and waited to be grabbed. Guess what?, Sucess!! I'm in! Now how do I get all my buddies down to the floor with me?! I had to come up with the master plan, GOT IT. I can throw a frisbee down a laser beam line. I borrowed a couple of tickets and some gum from my fellow Zeppelinites on the the floor. I stuck the tickets to the chewed gum and fired it up to my friends and we continued the task until everyone was below with me. Quite clever, I must admit!

Showtime: Looking the Silverdome we knew this was something very special about to happen. Little did we know at the time the Worlds Record would still stand today 34 years later for one band, an indoor show with no opening act. One of my friends and I left our group and went right up to the stage. Wish I had a digital camera, camcorder or anything. The pics/video I could have taken of the band, that is my only regret of the show. Needless to say we were in total AWE of the up close and personal show.

There were some pretty heavy duty fireworks being dropped from the upper levels, I believe there were a few serious injuries with one girl being pretty much blinded.

SO many good songs performed, it was mesmorizing! Wish it would have never ended. In my mind you can't get any higher on music level than that!

After the show: We went to the hotel where the band was staying. WHAT a party! everyone had their doors open, people running down the halls, trashing/vandalizing the hotel, drinking, smoking, we partied with the ladies in their rooms.

What a Good Time!

We will never forget April 30th, 1977