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Chicago 1975

Chicago Stadium - January 21, 1975
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Had 3rd row seats, and when the band came out, Plant grabbed the mic. and said I don't know how I will sound because I have a cold.
I had a red plaid scottish scarf, I balled it up and threw it to Robert's feet and he picked up and wrapped it around his neck, and started singing away. I was so jazzed about that! Still Remember!

That was 1-21-1975,this is 10/2009
Question? Robert do you still have the scarf? I would like to have back now... The scarf is from scotland got it when I went back home to groningen, Netherlands.

If anbody is interested Robert was awesome as usual, was hardly noticeable. If I have a cold sound like a wounded duck!

Zep. Fan 4 Life!

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