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April 10, 1970

Miami, FL US

Miami Beach Convention Center


includes: We're Gonna Groove,   Dazed and Confused, Heartbreaker, Bring It On Home, White Summer / Black Mountainside, Since I've Been Loving You,  Organ solo / Thank You, What Is and What Should Never Be, Moby Dick, Whole Lotta Love.


Press Review: In Friday Night's Concert: 'Zeppelin Fantastic; Disappointingly Short'

Led Zeppelin came and went the other night, but not before a series of hassles. The music was of a fantastic quality and solo work highlighted the disappointingly short concert.

Billed as an evening with Led Zeppelin for 2 1/2 hours,the concert fell short of its expectations. For, just when the audience was beginning to get into the unbelievably heavy music the concert ended forty-five minutes too soon.

This sudden ending can be credited to the two opposing factions that battled all night long at the Miami Beach Convention Hall. On one side there were the throngs of people unable to get into the sold-out performance trying to crash; while on the other side there were the Miami Beach Police showing no restraint whatsoever in their control of the crowd.

Ignoring these hassles, though hard it will be, the concert was a rocking, pulsating montage for the mind. Lead singer Robert Plant soared to new heights in his bluesy vocals, while the groups organize guitarist Jimmy Page, late of the Yardbirds, demonstrated why he is heralded as one of the world's best rock guitarist.

At one point in the show, after Plant pleaded with the audience to sit down and take their own seats, Page took a violin bow and played some haunting riffs on his Les Paul guitar. Then he discarded the bow, and pursued a freaked out series of runs using a tape loop modulator. The freaked-out sounds he produced gave all the freaks a chance to digest the music in their minds, a trademark quality of Led Zeppelin.

Drummer John Bonham had the audience throbbing to his well-laid solo that showed Imagination as well as tact. At one point, played with his hands turning up a rocking Latin percussion effect.

John Paul Jones played bass and organ throughout the performance and his highly amplified style served as the perfect complement for Pages high-pitched guitar.

The group played songs from their first two albums as well as material from their new albums which they announced will be "Led Zeppelin III." A super concert by a super group was what this started out to be, but the many hassles cut the show short just when everyone was really getting into it. [By J.FISHEL/April 1970]

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