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The Place - April 15, 1969

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on September 20, 2007 - 3:50pm
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April 15, 1969
Stoke On Trent
United Kingdom

Cancelled show.


Cancelled show.


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This gig did not happen.
I had bought Led Zep1 -the day it came out in January-Aquamarine script on the front.

I went to the Place in April 1969. The band did not turn up.This was not unusual in those days.
I paid and went into the club . However later we were told that the band would not be coming. No reason was given and no money was refunded

Zep honoured the booking by agreeing to play the Place in1970. By then Led Zeppelin were huge and the Place had no hope of keeping fans happy.It was agreed to switch the Place promoted gig to Trentham gardens approx 1200 capacity and the gig was the first of two at the venue,the first eventually taking place on March 14th 1971.Other 15th January 1973.

As a young student the band went to the Place club after the gig. I had too much to drink and embarrassingly made one of the mistakes of my life and approached JPJ and asked him something about drumming thinking or not thinking he was JB . To which he calmly replied that he was not the drummer. Something to regret for the rest of my life.I was also lucky enough to be at Knebworth1 in 1979.

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i have a original ticket for this cancelled show if intrested in using it

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Here is the Place's ads for upcoming concerts where Zeppelin were on the list to appear on 15th April 1969


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