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August 3, 1969

Houston, TX US

Houston Music Hall


Setlists during this tour included: Train Kept a Rollin', I Can't Quit You Baby, Dazed and Confused, You Shook Me, How Many More Times, Communication Breakdown


Press Review: Page Is ‘Led Zeppelin’ Helium

Never trust anyone over 20 — that was the obvious attitude of the crowd overflowing the Led Zeppelin concert at the Music Hall.

A shoeless microbopper, denied even standing room, braced a reporter at a side entrance: “Did you come to cover the riot?” he asked, waving a $5 ticket. “If I don’t get in I may start one.”

Tempers cooled, however, as the 5-million decibel strobe-lit warmup by Southwest FOB, a local rock group, began — 20 minutes late.

Revert to Album

After a long intermission, Zeppelin led off its half of the Sunday night concert with “Sweet Baby,” a number obviously unfamiliar to the crowd. Sensing the terrain, the English group reverted to selections from its solo U.S.-released album.

Lead guitarist Jimmy Page is the helium in the Zeppelin. Primarily responsible for the group’s unique sound, he is almost a one-man, one-instrument rock band. Cross-fretting, picking, plunking, slapping, even bowing, Page utilizes the peculiarities of amplified guitar to produce dynamic contrasts, echo and simulated feedback effects.

Not All Turned On

In “White Summer,” the only solo performance of the evening, Page proved himself as provocative a new guitarist of the Gary Burdon group. Page, too, deserves an LP of his own. Free of the Zeppelin’s rather restricting format, his guitar becomes a self-accompanied sitar, perfectly suited to his complex, amplified style.

One’s first look at Zeppelin is rather disquieting. After the gutsy, masculine sound of its album, one anticipates four Steve McQueens with long hair. The frail, sensitive lead duo of the Zeppelin personifies the soul of unisex. But the music is what matters — and it’s early Hell’s Angels. [Houston Chronicle, Aug. 1969]

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