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The O2 Arena - December 10, 2007

  • Good Times Bad Times, Ramble On, Black Dog, In My Time Of Dying,  For Your Life, Trampled Underfoot, Nobody's Fault But Mine, No Quarter, Since I've Been Loving You, Dazed And Confused, Stairway To Heaven, The Song Remains The Same, Misty Mountain Hop, Kashmir, Whole Lotta Love, Rock And Roll
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on October 15, 2007 - 2:25pm
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December 10, 2007
United Kingdom

Good Times Bad Times, Ramble On, Black Dog, In My Time Of Dying,  For Your Life, Trampled Underfoot, Nobody's Fault But Mine, No Quarter, Since I've Been Loving You, Dazed And Confused, Stairway To Heaven, The Song Remains The Same, Misty Mountain Hop, Kashmir, Whole Lotta Love, Rock And Roll


Led Zeppelin reunites with Jason Bonham on drums for the Ahmet Ertugen Tribute charity concert. Official release, "Celebration Day", on audio cd, blu-ray and DVD on Nov. 19th, 2012.

Original 2007 announcement page, here.


Led Zeppelin reunites with Jason Bonham on drums for the Ahmet Ertugen Tribute charity concert. Official release, "Celebration Day", on audio cd, blu-ray and DVD on Nov. 19th, 2012.

Original 2007 announcement page, here.


Good Times Bad Times, Ramble On, Black Dog, In My Time Of Dying,  For Your Life, Trampled Underfoot, Nobody's Fault But Mine, No Quarter, Since I've Been Loving You, Dazed And Confused, Stairway To Heaven, The Song Remains The Same, Misty Mountain Hop, Kashmir, Whole Lotta Love, Rock And Roll


Mike Nelson's picture

Went ot the concert from Florida. Zeppelin was great, The Song Remains The Same.

R.K. Hardee's picture

Almost fainted the other day when my fifteen-year-old nephew cranked up an old Zep CD. Likewise, he just couldn't believe his old-fart aunt "used to be cool." lol. I hadn't listened to the band in years - it was a wonderful flashback. He told me about the reunion gig and we watched some U-Tube clips of it. What an injustice to mankind that the band won't reunite! That level of skill, raw talent, and creativity should be shared with other souls, both young and old. How can Plant, Page, and Jones look at themselves in the mirror everyday? Such a shame...

Ezequiel Tello's picture

Una locura yo estuve ahi impresionante, los Argentinos estamos agradecidos a Led Zeppelin John Bonham The Best. Aguante Color Humano Edelmiro Molinari

Name jeff c.'s picture

There is no greater than the LED, TORONTO Ont. Canada would love to rock with you. Please think about it. true fan 4 ever DR.fog. thank you for everything.

eggbert.'s picture

Come to Glasgow, Scotland please.

Itd be amazing to see you perform live.
As I was born after Zeppelins era, I never had a chance.

Daviv Kamore's picture

John, John, Robert, and Jimmy,

I missed out on your concert ( I tried to get tickets but $2,300 and a flight to london is a wee out of the budget for this enviromental science major, although I have a passport. I have this to say I heard what you did on Dec 10th and it was the real deal. Nobody does what you guys do. Please make new music for all your fans the tour would be the biggest thing since..., well since you guys last toured. Please the power unleashed by your live shows is so envigorating, so filled with good vibes, and the world needs this positive energy (at least I do). Thank You all for The Music, - Daviv Kamore

RJ Grady's picture

Happy early Birthday, Jimmy!!
I've been playing guitar for years and you have ALWAYS been my number one influence. Ever since 6th grade when that crazy chick brought in your 3rd album. Then, about 10 years ago, I started learning are STILL my number one influence!! The pipes go great within a 12 bar blues and I run them thru a wah peddle, making them even more "haunting".
Thank you for putting the best soundtrack to life possible!!
~RJ Grady

l&m's picture

when will the concert from 2007 o2 stadium come out on dvd?

rODRIGO's picture

You are the best! Please Come to Buenos Aires.

Zach Briefer's picture

Best concert I've ever seen. Camped out overnight and got front row, totally worth it. I remember asking the people next to me if i was in heaven. aaaaaaahhh its still not real to me.

Some pictures i took

"Front Row" Dave Beesmer's picture

When I heard that the floor was GA i put a plan into motion. Find the biggest Zep fan I could and stand in line for four days so that I could be front row to this amazing, never expected, event. I gave my other ticket to Jeffrey Jones, from Canada. Spoke with him on the phone for about an hour and decided he has the dedication it takes.

We wound up being in line about 64 hours. First in Line! We were dubbed by security as "The first of the zeppelin people". LOL.

When the BBC cameras came to the queue I told them of my story and they did an expose on me. I was interviewed outside of the 02, videoed inside getting my wristband on and then taken by private limo to the BBC studios and was on the BBC Breakfast Show, and then CBC Canadian TV out of London, many newspapers and radio interviews.

In late 2010 I needed a change in life, so I started a "rockumentary" series called "From the Fans" in which I went to over 35 concerts this year, interviewing fans and giving them the chance to "shout out" about their favorite group! Gregg Allman Band, Lady Gaga, Motorhead, Bon Jovi, Furthur, JBLZE, Whitesnake, U2, Robert Plant and the Band of Joy, Alberta Cross, Taylor Swift, Paul McCartney and even local bands to my hometown area, Woodstock, NY.

I built a website, FrontRowDave.Com and which houses all of my fan interviews and allows FANS to upload photos, write reviews and attach YouTube videos to my database of shows. Contact me if you ever want to "rockument" one of the shows you attended that were special to you!

Now that I have a good FanBase, I'm off the road and promoting local bands by interviewing them, videoing their show and putting contact information for promoters to reach out to them and FANS to view their shows.

I recently did "The Concet for the Catskills" and interviewed and videoed 18 bands including two Blues Hall of Fame members and a three time grammy nominee. All of the work was done gratis in order to help raise money for the charity, which is to assist people who lost so much from Hurricane Irene, which devastated my hometown area on August 28, 2011.

Since then I started also Ustreaming bands live, again, in order to help promote the local bands here and to help them get recognized outside of the Hudson Valley, NY area.

I now have an online book in the works with detailed information on how this all happened, why it happened and how it truly truly changed my life forever.

It's been the most amazing year of my life and it's all due to this one very special event!

Here's a link to some more info about my project and about me.

Thank for reading and please register to my websites and like my facebook page!

BonZosa's picture

Yeah it was the gig of the millenium... watched the bits on the Inet, saw the pix, read the reviews - can't help wishing to see you Meisters on tour! You can't imagine how much you 've been loved and waited for in Russia for years and years and years.......More than anywhere else in the world, I betcha! Been a long time since Robert rocked Moscow (which was at the time of Dreamland, the unforgettable night!!), and now you've given us some hope we're holding on to!

You're the greatest band in the world!!! Will always love you!!!

Good luck and.... please come to Moscow :))

ps WELL DONE, JASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stan campield's picture

just saw page and jones do a guest gig with foo fighters at wembley on vhi classic. awesome. these guys are ready to play. love robert plant and everything he does solo and with other artists but it doesn't compare with playing with the guys. come on robert work it out

Jeff Aaron's picture

The Fish's Led Zeppelin Adventure! London O2 Arena 2007

Fish's review of Led Zep!
It was hard for me to be critical of band I have anxiousily waited 27 years to witness, but it was worth the wait! I imagine it would be like getting out of prison to have a steak dinner and a cold beer as I was serving my rock-n-roll sentence without Zep.... but now I am free. I pondered the quality of what I was about to witness in person at London's O2 arena and had admitted in advance limited expectation. I wondered about the ability of Robert Plant to hit the high notes, Jimmy Page to rip the right chords on guitar, working exiled Bassist/keyboardist John Paul Jones into the mix and last but not least would Jason Bonham rise to the level in memory of his Father ? That was a lot to ask...Do you believe in miracles...YES!

Led Zep rocked the celebrity laced crowd from the opening number "Good Times, Bad Times" until the final note of "Rock and Roll" Many felt the sound wavered in the first few numbers , but my floor seat in front of the sound board was a perfect place to enjoy the best sound and only a few moments of feedback or unbalanced troubles really was noticable.

My favorites included "Trampled Under Foot" "Song Remains the Same" and "Ramble On"...I enjoyed every number but did manage a beer break during "Dazed and Confused" and ran into Joe Elliott of Def Leppard, James Young of Styx, Film Star Tera Patrick - a great mix of people at this show! "Stairway to Heaven" for whatever reason lacked the audience response I thought it would get, perhaps the song is outdated? A young girl in my area cried tears of joy during the entire song, in fact many cried tears of happiness during this emotional Led Zep reunion. (Including me, three or four times) Jason Bonham added a sizzle to all the songs, Jimmy Page looked like he was having the time of his life being a Rock god again, Jonesy was smiles on the bass, Robert Plant seemed to soak in the moment and somewhere John Bonham had to be proud of his Son.... I could write and talk about this show for hours but you'll see it soo n enough - I predict a 65,000 crowd at Qwest field sometime Summer 2008? Led Zep 9 out of 10...Nobody's Perfect! It was the greatest road trip adventure of my life

Lorraine's picture

Led Zepplin needs to rock in South Florida, USA

Antonio's picture

in mexico there are a lot of fans of leD zeppelin please come to visit us 'cause the young guys want to see our father's hero's!!!! LIVE!!

Brett North's picture

I know you are probably tired of hearing and seeing about people wanting a tour but it should warant some thought especially when 2000000 people try to get tickets to see four people play on stage ,some of these people were not born when you had disbanded let alone when you were touring in the 70s.My self,Im 47 and I have not seen you live but Im sure I speak for everyone around my age when I say please tour and please come to Canada ,Vancouver or Toronto. thank you

Bill Young's picture

After disappointments in Tampa in 1977 and Bonham's tragic death in 1979, I flew in from Florida, camped out for 30+ hours, and stood front row for the best concert of my life. Thanks for being the greatest Rock Band in History and still being the best today!

Check out great photos, stories & videos on - Group "Led Zeppelin's Front Row"

Zeppelinfan's picture

I hope they release a live soundtrack like "Song Remains the Same" and "How the West Was Won." I loved Robert Plants Vocals on "Ramble On," "Stairway to Heaven," and "Kashmir." The other songs were great, but those he did the best on.

Melinda's picture

I have watched all the clipps I could find. Please tour..I was to young to see you the first time...please,please,please,please,please!!!!!!!

Sean O'Neill's picture

Please Led Zeppelin come to Glasgow im only 13 i need the experiance and some of my friends do too. PLEESE!!!!!

Walter Swartz's picture

5 of my friends and I prepared to go camping in northern Maryland for Memorial Day weekend...I remember reading the Rolling Stone and the last page had Zep tour dates. I told a friend they were going to be in Maryland the same weekend. He replied, "That's near Washington DC." ( I thgouth oh well, we'll see them In August). Upon being told by the attendants at the several campgrounds we knew of, there were no spaces available as it was the busiest weekend of the year... we decided we would go further south and try and see Zep. We got to the arena (the Capitol Center) about 4:00 AM. There was guard on duty and told us to get lost...I asked him "Just tell me, is this the place Zep is playing? (there were no letters on the marquee) He said yes... started talking and before we knew it, we were partying with this guy. He told us the best place to obtain tickets. The next day, we got 5 tickets for $40.00 and a nickel of pot. The tickets were 17th row ON THE FLOOR!!!!! Greatest show I ever attended!!!!!

Thank you Page, Plant, Bonham, and Jones!



Mark Erswell's picture

I was lucky enough to get picked for tickets for this concert. What a great night, worth every penny.

Oliver, New York's picture

It would be great of the O2 concert could be relased on CD/DVD.

Derek Heslop's picture

ill second that, the last time they played Glasgow was 4 weeks before i was born and im 36 !!

come to glasgow please, you know the glasgow crowds are the best there is, its a completely different buzz at a glasgow gig

Xe's picture

It would be a dream come true to be able to see LZ playing live.
I'm just 21, so I've never been able to go to none of your concerts. I had some hope on december, but I understand it was tremendously difficult to get a ticket (though I tried, believe me I tried!).
So if there was a tour... wow, no words!

Bill K's picture

You lucky bastard. It may be the only time they ever play together again. Robert does not seem too psyced about doing any more. I am a kncked out Zep fan. But I never got t see them. I live in boston and the last time they played here was in 73 and they never got to play because unruly fans destroyed the Boston Garden and the show was canceled.

Long Live ZEppelin the greatest rock band of all time.

Johnny McCallum's picture

please make a dvd/cd hapeen. I have been a fan since the 60s. Am51 & still a fan. From South Africa.

Nodge's picture

Same here can not wait, me and my mate went and it was a fantastic night, I could not stop thinking about it for weeks

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Henrik's picture

Best show ever. Let´s Zep again! We love you.

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