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November 1, 1969

Syracuse, NY US

Onondaga War Memorial


includes: Good Times Bad Times (intro) ~ Communication Breakdown, I Can't Quit You Baby, Heartbreaker, Dazed and Confused, You Shook Me, White Summer / Black Mountainside, What Is and What Should Never Be, Moby Dick, How Many More Times, Something Else.


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Support act: The James Gang.

Press Reviews: Then the lights dimmed and Led Zeppelin made a dramatic entrance, after all the ever popular W.O.L.F. disc jockeys were introduced in their flashy apparel. The Zeppelin didn't waste any time in making a good connection with the audience which kept applauding until the Zeppelin drowned the applause with their soul-stretching sounds.

The James Gang set a pace and the Zeppelin had no trouble keeping it up and surpassing it. Zeppelin put on a better show than the Gang which helped them to make a better connection with the audience. (Syracuse Journal / Nov. '69)


Seeing Led Zeppelin in person at Syracuse last weekend was more than I could hope for. Although the acoustics were less than admirable and Page was hampered by low volume, Led Zeppelin was incredible. The scene of Page and Plant together on stage with Plant contorting wildly and Page playing down about his knees was a memorable one. Plant, wearing the tightest pants imaginable with crotch bulging and blond hair extending about two feet, was prone to committing every conceivable act that represented the functioning of any and all sexual acts. These hysterics were committed independent of whether he was singing at the moment.

Page did his thing with violin bow on guitar and it's really something to see and hear. This guy is innovative in his varied approaches towards music. The audience warmed up towards the end and Page and company responded with 45 minutes of encores. The security police were then overwhelmed and the crowd swarmed toward the stage. Some tried to join Led Zeppelin on stage.

Several spectators had to be bodily removed after making their unscheduled appearance on stage. It had the makings of a fullblown riot, but then the li ghts were turned on full blast which inhibited the crowd just enough to keep things under control .

Go see Led Zeppelin if you get the chance , but be careful guys about taking your girlfriend. [Ithacan, 11/14/69]

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James Gang by Kevin Radley