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September 10, 1971

Syracuse, NY US

Onondaga War Memorial


includes: Immigrant Song, Heartbreaker, Since I've Been Loving You, Black Dog, Dazed and Confused, Stairway to Heaven, Going to California, That's the Way, Celebration Day, What Is and What Should Never Be, Moby Dick, Whole Lotta Love (medley incl. Let That Boy Boogie, Hello Mary Lou), Thank You.


After the show, John Bonham & John Paul Jones reportedly hitch a ride with Ron Gersbacher (WOLF radio) to the Lost Horizon nightclub, “called the Yellow Balloon in those days.”

Newspaper review: "Britain Rock Music Kings Heralded"

For the second week running the hard rock sound of Britain has been royally welcomed at the Syracuse War Memorial. Led Zeppelin, a four-man group from England, played before a packed house Friday night, and once again the audience was dancing in the aisles.

Led Zeppelin, who are making their eighth visit to this country, offered a three-hour show which proved why they are the kings of acid-hard rock. The group's sound is sort of haunting, eerie and very deep. With a variety of instruments, from the Chinese gong 10 electric vibes, the combo grooved through many of their own great hits and an assortment of others. They opened their performance with some of their older music, much of which is improvised.Then, from their album to be released next month, they offered "Black Velvet" (sic) and "Stairway to Heaven".

They continued with more of their hits and varied this with some of their hits and varied this with some older songs including "Battle of New Orleans" and "Hello Marylou". They followed this with "That's the Way It Ought to Be" "Going to California" and "Celebration Day".

Their drummer, "Moby Dick", beat out a strenuous solo, and the group ended their performance with a medley of their many best sellers and a good deal of improvisation.

Through all of their music, this strange, eerie sound is prevalent. They are accomplished musicians and give an entertaining performance. They make heavy use of the weird vibrations that a guitar and an organ can make with he aid of electricity.

Although the hard rock sound may be dying out, Led Zeppelin came to Syracuse Friday night, and their performance before an entranced mass of young people, proved that they will be with us for some time to come. Their music is haunting and different, and they were a big hit with those in attendance. - Andrew Reschke (Sept. 1971, Syracuse Journal)

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