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Bring It On Home (Royal Albert Hall 1970)

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on April 17, 2008 - 12:35pm
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From the official Led Zeppelin DVD (2003)

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Royal Albert Hall - January 9, 1970


geir ralle's picture

Jimmy Robret John Paul and John Henry..." R.I.P" you was the best band ever in history!! ;=)

Ralda's picture

Los ZEPS son los mejores de toda la historia, a ver cuando viene a Guatemala. zeps please come to Guatemala to give a concert, there are thousands of fans waiting!!!!!

Tor Henriksson's picture

Jimmy Page is playing the guitar as "a matter of fact", it is so inspiring to watch them.

Miguel's picture

Everytime I listen to Led Zeppelin, I rediscover them.
This is pure blues and pure magic.
Bring in on home indeed.

Name mark meyer's picture

awesome ! they're the greatest rock band of all time

Billy D's picture

hate to say it but better than the beatles

Michael's picture

IT makes me shiver every time see video of Zeppelin in concert. They were so powerful and brilliant live.

Giorgi's picture

While others have written and performed good music, Led Zeppelin has developed our understanding of ourselves, of 70th and 80th in depth, calling and crying for the better times to come.

Ewald Schreurs.'s picture

I watch it over and over again ont the dvd. It is a very good live performance indeed.

Jason's picture

John Bonham is the greatest drummer that ever lived

Renee's picture

Robert Plant had awesome pipes! Cool video!

Mongoose's picture

i luff bonzos groovy drum tones !

XiaAlexisPAGE<3's picture

Led Zeppelin is AMAZING! I am only 15 years old, and they are all I listen to!

Name's picture

Always powerfull!!!

michael's picture

there well never be anything close to what these four created .thes music is heard in every form of music today from rap to county to rock because they were that great .they made histroy when it came to music .then showed the world how much they had respect for eachother by not trying to fill the greatest drummer the world ever seen.and they knew what they had created jimmy john robertjohn the most perfect four some music has ever seen even beatles music couldnt do what they did .beatles music isnt heard in music today

Name's picture

best live jam band in the world they rock forever

CELTIC LADY's picture


Namedenise's picture

Speechless.........Raw Talent....Nothing will ever compare....

james 's picture

I felt great watch this one it is nice love too ha ha!!

Brandi's picture

I cant get stoned and not listen to Led Zeppelin, Robert Plants voice is so mesmorizing, and Jimmy Page can really play, its all an explosion of rock in my soul!

Name's picture

This is to me the greatest band that I have ever known. I like alot of various artists and genres of music, BUT Led Zeppelin there is no other band that compares.

eduardo's picture

jimi page is freaken awsome in the guitar

hanno's picture

THE VERY BEST............FOREVER !!!

teri lea's picture

ladies and gentlemen , the mighty led zeppelin are collectively THE BEST PERIOD.

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Giorgi's picture

I agree with you; I've never set sick of listening to their music too. And this I think would be impossible to do since they not simply have performed good music but, rather, have shaped our personalities through it. So, in a certain sense, we are what we are through their creative help as well.

Led Head!'s picture

Bonham Rocks & Rules!!!!!!!!


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jimi page is freaken awsome by eduardo (not verified)
Robert Plant had awesome by Renee (not verified)
I watch it over and over by Ewald Schreurs. (not verified)
siempre sera la mejor banda by beto angeles (not verified)
wow by Michael (not verified)
Brilliant Everytime I listen by Miguel (not verified)
Essential early by Christina (not verified)