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Dallas 1975

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on April 3, 2009 - 3:25pm
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8mm concert film clips of Led Zeppelin live in Dallas, March 4, 1975.(Filmed by A. Hare)

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Memorial Auditorium (Dallas) - March 4, 1975


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OMG, the best times...

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Hello, yes, it me, that shot this silent Super 8 film of Led Zeppelin in Dallas, on March 4th, 1975. It was the first concert (and only Zep concert) that I ever filmed. I was sitting 3rd row back, aisle seat, in the section stage left of the center section. At the time I shot these rolls of film, I had NO idea if the camera would pick up images in an indoor concert setting. But, as you can see, it did ! BTY, the last few seconds on the film are of the second encore, in which Dallas was treated to a rousing rendition of "Heartbreaker". Whoever took the time to synch up the soundboard recording to the film did a good job.
One of the BEST Zeppelin shows I have ever witnessed ! ! !

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lo mejor del rock puro gran led zeppelin

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All of this old Zeppelin footage is off the hook. They were definitly the best at making rock and roll music.

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Thanks for posting this footage. I attended March 4th concert.

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I grew up in Southern Cal. and went to the second night at Long Beach that year. Great show, a friend brought an inflatable dog that was pink and black, we alll signed it. He went to the section behind the stage and tossed it over the rail. When a rodie gave it to Robert Plant, he kicked it and said "This is a song about a very Black Dog". One of the great memories of seeing Led Zeppelin. 1st Zep show, 9/4/70 at the Forum, last show was 3/12/75 at Long Beach.

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Top 10 all time Zeppelin Live show and one of the best bootlegs I've hear.
Really good versions and quite a bit of improv through out the show and the Whole Lotta Love into Black dog was a nice touch.



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6th row

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The badest rock band ever.

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