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Fillmore East - Jan 31, 1969 (8mm film)

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on February 8, 2009 - 9:04am
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8mm film of Led Zeppelin opening for Iron Butterfly at New York's Fillmore East (8pm show), during their first U.S. tour. (Film by Dennis DiMatteo)

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Fillmore East - January 31, 1969


Sandra's picture

The BEST band ever...I have been listening to them for about 30yrs. And I don't get tired of them, I love them more each time....

y.l.'s picture

this is amazing

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Believe it or not, most of the people were there to see Iron Butterfly, and did not even know who Led Zeppelin were. Led Zeppelin was the opener to the main band, as is the custom. Jimmy Page did such a mind boggling performance (every time he pointed the violin bow at the audience, there was dead silence) that poor iron Butterfly had to open with Inagoddaof whatever (a good song then) because their guitarist, no doubt understood he had heard a master and was probably humiliated before he started! Those few hundred of us who were there because we were fans of the Yardbirds and knew of jimmy Page, got up and left after poor Iron Butter Fly's first song that should have been played last in their set traditionally.

Manny V's picture

the definition of innovation

antonio's picture

sono cresciuto con questa musica, stupenda!!!

Name's picture

Absolutely the greatest tunes of all time belong to this band.
Jimmy Page...You Are Awesome...thank you for standing the test of time

Guilherme Góes da Costa's picture

just fantastic, what can i say? Fourty years of magic from the best group in the history of rock n' roll!!!!!!!!

Gary Perle's picture

Greatest Rock Band of all time.
1. Led Zeppelin
2. Rolling Stones
3. The Who
What else can I say, that's pure rocken roll.

GB's picture

dont believe these guys actually opened for another band!

NJ's picture

it's still awesome!!

Wayne Pantry's picture

Amazing I would like to see then alll in a set or somthing for sale!
I don't think this band got all the recognition it deserved then and now!

Jonathan Hathaway's picture

I had seen this on youtube last week, but to see it with the correct sound synched up is incredible. This captures the era much better than any of the other '69 footage. The color is beautiful!
What a great surprise for this most momentous of anniversaries. I've been going through my first US tour collection of live shows, and will continue right through as the year progresses!
Jonathan Hathaway

M.I's picture

Jonesy rarely moves insentively on this film.

yra's picture

Still d greatest dude!many bands have come to dis ages but still no one can take me far away in dis galaxy!!than LED ZEPPELIN! thank you very much for the steller sounds!!

Michael Norrby's picture

I thank Dennis DiMatteo and his present, current and future family for these wonderful clips - Cheers Michael/Stockholm

Leandro Portes's picture

Simplesmente a melhor de todas as bandas. Desde os primeiros passos, em 1968, eles estão eternizados no coração das pessoas que gostam de Rock, em qualquer lugar do mundo.

Eu sou brasileiro, e sei que Jimmy Page adora o meu País.




Janice D'Huyvetter's picture

Lucky enough to have been at this show! Me & my friends actually went to see Iron Butterfly, I'm embarrassed to say. When Zep came out and played as the opening band, we were totally blown away!!

I was amazed at how great they were.

When intermission came, about 1/3rd of the audience left. We had never heard of Led Zeppelin then, but needless to say, I have been a super fan ever since - just watched The Song Remains the Same - excellent film.

Darren Ross's picture

That's it! No better words to say........

Dennis D's picture

I WISH I knew if either Jimmy Page, Robert Plant or JP Jones have seen it. I'd love to get an autograph or an E-mail from the old band members telling me what they thought of it.
This was such an early, recently posted clip.. I posted it for free for all to enjoy. I would love to get an old fashioned signed letter!!...Hint..Hint :)

Regards, Dennis

Billy C's picture

The Electric Theater/Kinetic Playground 4812 N Clark St in Chicago which featured some of the best Rock Band's on Earth at the time! It was the first time Zepp played Chicago Feb 7&8 1969 8 days after Fillmore East - Jan 31, 1969 Gig I remember a similar thing happened to Vanilla Fudge being the headliner was a bill of Jethro Tull,Led Zeppelin & Vanilla Fudge in that order of appearance Tull was Flutetastic then Zepp blew the House down having us say Vanilla who??? each playing their customary two sets. We were fortunate to be part of that history. Peace Out

The Monstrous Blues's picture

I wish I was around then to witness the whole beginings, as I play in a band myself who are extremely influenced by the Zeps!! Their music is timeless and will forever be remembered as the Worlds Greatest Musicians in my Mind and I am sure Millions of others. Jimmy Page to be soo young and Super talented playing on countless number 1 hits from his studio sessions and all by the age of 21 is Incredible to say the least. Not to mention the brilliance of all the others too at such young ages - I am so envious and wish I could go back in time to witness it all first hand. Lastly, Id like to say thanks for the trip Lads, and its great to see John Paul Jones hooking up with Josh Holme and Dave Grohl in "Them Crooked Vultures" its a Fantastic album too and he hasn't lost his touch! Cheers. Jay : )

Wayne Paul Nish's picture

I was a student at Archbishop Molloy High School a year or so before Zeppelin surfaced. I was walking down the hallway past the bulletin board one afternoon when I noticed an 8x10 flyer posted to the board announcing a show for The Yardbirds to be held at Christ The King High School the next day.

Puzzled, and somewhat startled, I went into the principal's office to inquire and was told that it was some English band.

I went. It cost $2. They couldn't even fill the gym, so they played in the cafeteria. They did all of their standards plus the new stuff which was the end for them. Page used his violin bow for Happenings Ten Years Time Ago. On a stage that was barely large enough to hold them.

mar's picture

i was there too!! but to see iron butterfly
zep kicked ass i saw them at the garden too
front row center it was awesome. i miss those days!

Meestajoe's picture

I was there. Late show Friday Nite. Led Zep BLEW IB off the stage. The best response IB got was "how bout a big hand for LZ". Most of the audience, including myself, either left or dozed off during IB. However, I must say that I left feeling that although LZ was AMAZING, they were a bit of a Jeff Beck Band ripoff...


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