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How Many More Times (Danish TV 1969)

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on April 17, 2008 - 12:27pm
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Led Zeppelin performance recorded on Danmarks Radio / Danish TV. From the official Led Zeppelin DVD (2003).

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TV Byen / Danmarks Radio - March 17, 1969


Name's picture

tightly woven roar, black and white basic perfect

jimmy cracked corn's picture

saw them in 72, best show ever. robert's voice was loud and clear

Zoso's picture

Their best song ever

Marita Brigitte's picture

The four of you together were phenomenal! Loved you from the first note I heard and always will!!

Marshall's picture

I dont think the audience was ready for the ledgend that was before them. I love this song!

Jerry Ritz's picture

I was there when the show was recorded - as the bands Scandinavian tour manager - It was so f...... great !!!!

Kellen 's picture

These people that witnessed this must have been totally blown away, hard to even imagine rock before Zeppelin. Even with all of the technology guitarists have today, NO ONE plays like Jimmy! I have had people argue with me since I was a kid about it, but I won every argument! :) GOD BLESS ZEPPELIN!

Tanner's picture

Best Band Ever.

Juan's picture

one love - Led Zeppelin - GENIAL!

Rodger Ashton-Smith's picture

It's good to see the band being named to a good song. I love their sound since 1970. This is because back then it took 2 years to get anything from the other side of the earth.

Paul's picture

They are still just as hot as they were when I first listened to them on KPPC FM Pasadena in 1968! I'm still a Led Head!

ZepChic's picture

They are HOT and sound SEXY!

GreenLight's picture

tears only....

Dennis's picture

This is where the whole band is greater than the sum of its performers. This song is one of my all time favorites. Would love to have seen them perform live in their heyday or even now.

Sharon's picture

how much would you pay to time travel and BE THERE?!

Name's picture

led zeppelin is the greatest band ever!!!!

Simone's picture

they still are the greatest...I'd like to see them on a world tour...maybe in Italy!

Zippy's picture

...I still remember the first time I heard Led Zeppelin back in '69 with their first brother & I couldn't stop listening to it, it got worn out. They are still the best...Long Live John Henry Bonham !

GARY BREZINA's picture


Sacrobosco's picture

La migliore rock band di sempre senza rivali, the best rock band of ever without discussion zep for ever

rsh's picture

Sometime, as a musician, when I think I really good and think I'm the
S****, I watch a video like How Many More Times and realize how far I have to go

Stovall's picture

I love this performance of "How many more times" just legendary, page was on his game that day as you can tell awesome performance the whole band was feeling it and you can tell awesome band zeppelin forever

bill sidley's picture

how many more times fucking rocks

Bel's picture

Thee best alltime band. I love Zep!

Christine's picture

Lord thank You! What words describe how these guys ROCK!

chris puccilli's picture

this is the Zep I grew up with
thanks for these rare memories,
wow gr8 shows

Jorge's picture

Greatest Band Ever.!! Wish i could of been at one of their concerts.

Tama's picture

The best band of all time.
I love Led Zeppelin ♥

Terrence's picture

Truly,and honestly obvious, is the thought that occurs to me when I view this intense debut video, that Led Zeppelin is the greatest band in the entire history of mankind.

peggieclara's picture

Happy Birthday Jimmy Page Jan 9 2011, You will always Rock the world...


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