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I Can't Quit You Baby (Royal Albert Hall 1970)

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on April 17, 2008 - 12:34pm
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From the official Led Zeppelin DVD (2003).

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Royal Albert Hall - January 9, 1970


Tommy G's picture

If you listen to this song carefully you can hear Jimmy's soul.

Diane's picture

Need I say more

Lisa 's picture

Gives me chills each time I hear it.
Too bad Jimmy had this beloved Les Paul Black Beauty stolen the same year,such a good sound to it.

jurgen's picture

best bluessong ever!!!

Name's picture

This is absolutely spine-tingling! ;The fact that such a powerful sound could ever be driven out of four young men with a soulful of blues!

Miles Venere's picture

i wish led zepp was still arround. But this is definately a choice for my band.

Rob's picture

so excellent and perfect. so much raw passion and craftsmanship. Plant has the best voice ever, Page is the greatest guitarist ever, Bohnam is a superb drummer and the best ever.... such a great song/performance

Bill F's picture

Tension and Release, Anxiety and Discharge, Pressure and Liberation, Apprehension and Freedom, This songs bleeds this concept. Zeppelin has the ability, live or on their recordings, to gently pull you in as if saying "I'm safe, come on in here, its soft and harmless" and just when you feel that extreme sense of comfort, "BASH, right on the nose, straight in the face". Amazing, everytime I hear this...the back of my head tingles....its Enchanting.

Derek Binion's picture

Thank you Led Zeppelin

akis koutsodimos's picture

great memories and feelings.thanks

Sharon's picture

SO incredibly awesome! Love this!!

Ivorbigun2's picture

Rock Royalty!

Steve's picture

This recording, in my opinion, was their single greatest performance. Page and Plant's performances in particular are unequaled, by themselves or anyone else. I couldn't estimate how many times I've listened to it. Why, o, why did they cut off the video half way through??...

Georgia's picture

I would give anything to have the opportunity to see this live. I wish I were born in the 60's/70's because that is where I belong. Led Zeppelin is byfar THE greatest band to live. You don't get music better than this.

Todd Burriss's picture

It is me!

Timothyraguso's picture

Heavy as usual - born too late

James Beamish's picture

Unlike alot of bands these boys are better live ..... wow

Carlos Franco 's picture


Poje's picture

Nothing ever quite like LZ before or since. I saw RP and the BOJ recently - amazing!

frank james's picture

Still as fresh as the day it was performed, they'd still be the best if they were starting out today. Awesome!!!!

Bill's picture


Henry Hodgdon's picture

still motivating me after all these years. Love Led Zepelin Forever..

Jacqueline Riley's picture

I was a teenager in the 70's when Led Zeppelin was at the height of their career. At dances that were held on Saturday nights in my home town Led Zeppelin was what the group from town sang. For the last dance Stairway to Heaven was the song played always. I am now 50 years "young" with two grandchildren and I listen to Led Zeppelin now more than I did when I was a teen.

Ewald Schreurs.'s picture

Watching this song over and over again on the dvd, it is just simple: fantastic playing of a rock and roll/ blues or bluesrock-song(or whatever you would name it). This performance shows how it should be done properly.

Zep4141's picture

I can't quit loving this song.

kazzmatazz's picture usual !!!

Sarah Morton's picture

I was born 20 years too late.

serge's picture

my favorite song of led zeppelin ZEPPELIN FOREVER

G man's picture

John Paul Jones ain't shabby either!! The whole is the magic,that the individual pieces cannot summon on their own. this website is a great reminder of this fact.

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