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Since I've Been Loving You - NY 1973

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on December 23, 2008 - 1:54pm
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Clip of "Since I've Been Loving You" performed live in New York 1973, from "The Song Remains the Same" dvd.

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Madison Square Garden - July 27, 1973


Marco's picture

This is my favourite song.

Best lyrics and best music ever!!!

Thank you Led Zeppelin (and thank you dad to make me listen to them!)

roy adaway's picture

I have purchased the remastered and companion cds. Can't wait to play them. Watching the films/videos on official Led Zep site. Boy oh boy. What a fantastic band, Like many others have commented, the best band ever. I would love to go back to the late 60's then 70's. Rekindle my youth. Bring it on home. Much Love. Roy. With tears of joy. xxx

Roman T.'s picture

At 16 years of age this was my first rock concert. I didn't know what to expect arriving that night at the Los Angeles Forum.  The year was 1977. I had played classical piano from 5 yrs. old. My father bought me my first electric guitar from a local pawn shop. I didn't yet have a girlfriend, but wanted one. Led Zepplin for me meant keyboards, radical guitar, and girls, girls,and more girls.  They over delivered...they were simply the hottest band in the world...they sold me hook, line and sinker.  Every song they played that night was like they were playing it just for me. They were telling "my story". Perhaps that "is" what a rock and roll story is all about. It was about who we were as people,  our lifestyle, our way of thinking, our culture. Nearly thirty years later and I am still a rocker.  I finally got the girlfriend and now have own family. And in fond memory I can still hear Robert Plant singing, "...and she's buying, a Stairway to Heaven".

missguitar's picture

for me since i've been loving you is one of the best song in the world i can't stop listening to it it's so wonderful ...

Cherri's picture

Pagey at his best!!!!

john's picture

this is the best rock ballad ever.ever ,ever

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Furlan's picture

Só quem viveu os anos 70 e tem bom gosto musical, sabe o quanto foram importantes p/ o Rock & Roll. Simplesmente, nunca haverá outro grupo com tamanha criatividade e habilidade!! Marcaram nossa geração!!

quint's picture

unbelievably f***ing great. i love this band. zep forever.

John's picture

Forget hendrix & clapton! Jimmy Page is the Greatest guitarist

EDSON RUFINO's picture

my favorite video 4ever I watch every day, its a must, magical moment of rock

Mark Alan Brady's picture

The Song Remains the Same was my first album that I bought of Led Zeppelin in 1977.I was13- almost-14 years old at the time. I'm 46 years old now and I'm still just as thrilled as ever with it. There is no comparison with how it makes me feel way down inside. And every time that I listen to it (any part of it) I am instantly energized and everything takes on a magically-wonderful enchanting special feeling that spins me up and down through the years with majesty,gratittude and wisdom.

Susan's picture

Have all your stuff...should share your music...♥

Guille LZ's picture

La verdad que este es el mejor tema que puede aver, para mi.

Raine's picture

Robert is the sexiest lead singer ever

shaka's picture

i didnt even know who led zeppelin was until after their fourth album...a high school buddy of mine said i had to check out the second album...i loved it so i bought the first three and SINCE IVE BEEN LOVING YOU from their third was immediately and still my favorite...the song here is probably me favorite solo of all time of any band...i am curios to hear the cover be jam band gov't mule and john paul jones...thats why i subscribe to napster...i can afford one album a month and since o no longer have my 33's i gotta 'get the led out'...when i saw robert plant in concert in the 90's he played the elvis BLUE HAWAII album and dread zeppelin while the roadies were setting up

deric's picture

I always thought LZ stood a little taller than the rest. Sort of leading us into a new higher spiritual dimension. This song is done with so much feeling. It's like an audible representation of what hurting is. Like you would know what it's all about without the words telling you. I think all blues or any musician should strive for this degree of expression.

Sandy's picture

Still THE best band them!!!

caifantorres's picture

es la mejor banda de la historia daria lo ke fuera por ir a un concieto revivir a sentir toda esa energia cosmica que provoca con su musica

richard's picture

after a night out come home and listen to this song. wow!

jeremy aka. black wipey kid's picture

I'm a black kid from tulsa oklahoma i am recently an school right! now and yes it's high school union's so chill here some time but not most of the time people are dick heads here but i dont give a flyn fuge pop. okay i think led zeppelin rocks an i always wanted to meet them an person but i wasnt born around there time. so that kinda sucks but love you guys peace to all of you guys an everyone else that made music like you guys......................peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Janis  Howell's picture

I was there!!! 3rd or 4th row back!!!!

chef4cook's picture

At their prime is an understatement! Smashing!

BRISAS M. PEPPER's picture

you are a seducer

Raymond Keenan's picture

My favorite band of all time since I was old enough to talk and you always will be!!!

Name's picture

best rock ballad ever ever ever

Sridhar Oruganti's picture

Probably the best performance by a band!

p.s. : Strike of the word : Probably

Nocturne's picture

Merci ! ! !
40 ans après... Toujours la même magie.
C'est ma chanson préférée...Thank You

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Rizwan's picture

Versatile ingenious new wave greatest uncompromisable incomparable no question ...and so on and so on are just some of the reactions I have everytime I think of all the great tunes and ballads that this great band made. I Thank you and as well I always will and forever be a Zep fan. Viva Led Zeppelin


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