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L.A. 3/25/75 - Whole Lotta Love (Rare film)

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on April 17, 2008 - 11:50am
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Rare film clips of Led Zeppelin performing Whole Lotta Love in Los Angeles 3/25/75. (8mm film)

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The Forum - March 25, 1975


lucisfero's picture

I think by 1975 they had reached an amazing peak for a hard rock show. Not only the music... the look, the staging and the attitude too. Hammer of the Gods!!!!

Diego's picture

the best band in the history of rock.
saludos from Argentina!

Anastasis's picture

Led Zeppelin are gods!!!!! I ' m addicted to them!!!!

Name's picture

Angels,they are unique nothing compares to them!!! They are a legacy!!!

Vinicius Rios's picture

Led Zeppelin the kings!

armin's picture

they have a new fan
that the best rockmusic

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Angels,they are unique by Name (not verified)
The creators of the rock! by Vinicius Rios (not verified)
Led Zeppelin are gods!!!!! I by Anastasis (not verified)
Zeppelin '75 by lucisfero (not verified)
they have a new fan that the by armin (not verified)
the best band by Diego (not verified)