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O2 Reunion - News Report (12.10.07)

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on March 24, 2008 - 4:24pm
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Kate Moss, Noel Gallagher and Lulu have been among the 20,000 fans to see Led Zeppelin return to stage for the first time in 19 years. (ITN UK)

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The O2 Arena - December 10, 2007


Brian's picture

Few words can express the genius of Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, John Bonham and now Jason Bonham. It's hard to believe that 19 years have gone by since the last show. Even after such a long hiatus, they are STILL the greatest sounding band there will ever be. Being at this concert would have been a dream come true for so many. Thank you to all four of you for bringing back some of the greatest sounds ever. 

Name   rita's picture

where is the 02 video and i am a true led zeppelin fan love ya

rog's picture

wheres it at

Steve's picture

Please release the complete concert on DVD. I was there. It was the best gig the world has ever seen. Love to see it through again and again. Currently this is a strange missed opportunity.

LorraineBlack's picture

YES! Led Zeppelin are the GODS of ROCK. They Are LEGENDARY!. It's Led Zeppelin, nuff said =).

Alex's picture

...have they visited the Cinema "Lara"? It was the only cinema in the world which kept running the Zepp film for eleven years in a row, and full every single Saturday night... so my question is, did Page and Plant decided to go an visit that legendary cinema or not?

Craig Koppell's picture

So, where is the video from the 2007 O2 show. You can't tell me that
no one recorded it!!! Think of the money that can be given to Ahmet's
charity. Anyone know the answer to this?


Rob Motzel's picture

Still waiting for more zeppelin till the day I die

Jakkooh's picture

I grew up with your Music, at the age of 13 I fell in love with the Led Zeppelin 2 album, and I never quit you since..... What a fantastic carreer of timeless Rock & Roll music you offered to the world.. Thanks for all this hapiness you offered to me and so many others.
At almost 53 years, you are still the BEST

Pasang's picture

The Lord of rock is Led Zeppelin.
I was born on 3 November 1992 to worship Led Zeppelin.
My name is Pasang from Nepal.
- currently in Switzerland

andre luis's picture

my dream came true!
now I can die easy...

Johnny's picture

Tour the US one more time, please. You're the best!

gustavo Calace's picture

los más grandes del rock & roll.Saludos desde Argentina

letícia's picture

Better!!!The legends of Rock, again!!!!!!!

Antoine's picture


Fabio's picture

Great Show, come on jimmy we waiting for the o2 DVD this xmas

Caio's picture

surely the best rock band of all time.
Led Zeppelin Brasil.

tj's picture

led zeppelin is the greatest band ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

D.ASH's picture

Shit, Led Zeppelin is just the best in history, i hope having the fucking chance to see them once before i die...

graeme mcfeggan's picture

led zepplin+a massive walh to mr robert plant +how good was mr jason bonham proud father!
have seen page+plant too young a t43 to see the real deal.
unbelievable talent of muscians.

david's picture

ineguagliabile band,pietra miliare di hard rock stratosferico e rythm' blues vellutato, lo Zeppelin sfreccia silenzioso tra nuvole di note magiche mentre laggiù sulla terra il resto è solo musica.

Name's picture

go on stage again!

giuliano pulcini's picture

hi! i am italian fan - i love led zeppelin !!!
sorry for mi bad english.

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David r's picture

whens the DVD of the show coming out ?

Frankie Russo's picture

Jimmy are you going to relaese a dvd of that 2007 show
I hope you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Frankie russo

Derick's picture

Hi...when is the O2 re-union DVD being released ? Its been too long a wait for the fans :-(

Name's picture

Can't see why the band is holding back the footage so that the rest of us that weren't able to see (or will ever see) these magical songs... I am pretty sure that they were not poorly recorded or filmed...

yves's picture

à quand la sortie du dvd du concert de Londres 2007 ?
Merci et longue vie au plus grand groupe du monde

Phillip Reaney's picture

I love Classic Rock but am not a huge blues fan - however Led Zeppelin took that blues ,made it heavier,punchier,with more swagger and totally re-invented it like nobody had or has to this day.
They make me love their brand of hard blues. Also the fact that they all were(John Bonham RIP) and are stellar musicians,writers and performers!

I wish they would do a mini 5 city tour to go out in style. These are the cities they should play- London, New York, Toronto, Paris,Rome.

That would be a lovely gesture to the hordes of loyal fans around the globe.

I cannot wait to see this film! peace and Good Will to my Zep brothers and sisters around the globe and of course the band themselves :)

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