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Seattle 3.21.75 (8mm film)

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on May 5, 2009 - 8:23am
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8mm film clips of Led Zeppelin performing in Seattle 3/21/75.

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Seattle Center Coliseum - March 21, 1975


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This was the second of three Zep concerts I seen. The 1st was in Seattle on 06/19/72 and on a Monday like this show. The third and unfortunately the last was in Seattle as well in1977. They are all vivid in my mine to this day. Live on!!

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the band was about an hour late the crowd was restless the announcer was talking over the pa system saying we had to be cool because the san diego sports arena was the only place that allowed people to stand on the arena floor because there was no seating arrangement at that time.i was in the navy stationed at 2nd street naval base. the locals were good to me and joints were passed around and we all had a good time

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LARRY Name's picture

I was only 13 Yrs. old could not find a ride to the concert from Lemon Grove ..........MAN I WAS BUMBED Oh well good times ......bad times !! ZOSO lives forever!

Bruce McD's picture

I was 11,But wanted 2 go W/ my brother

mark & rich's picture

waited in line for tickets to go on sale for a week in arena parking lot!

Pietro's picture

Gli dei scendono tra i comuni mortali...

jose luis morales's picture

I was there !!!!!! Jose Luis Morales Volcan

Diane's picture

I was THERE!!! They were awesome! I've loved them ever since.

Tim Ellis's picture

I remember they started late.

David Bordeaux's picture

I was at this show-as well the show on March 14,75.I was in the front row for both shows.The pagentry,power and royalness was INCREDILE!The most awesome 2 nights of my life.I will never ever forget these shows-Thank you so much for this video! Zep will rule for EVER!

J. Elliott's picture

What a great show, despite the awful acoustics of the "Sports Aroma"...

Stephanie's picture

Does ANYONE out there remember the Green Laser light that was displayed at this concert? I most certainly do! And Ohhhh...what a trip that was!!! LOL

Eydie's picture

Oh yea baby I was there. Saw them three times within 10 days. What a great year for music. Jimmy Page came out for the oncore drinking the bottle of Jack Daniels I gave him.

gregg's picture

I was in the Navy at the time and was about 30 feet from the stage - best show I've ever seen!

Kris B.'s picture

Oh my gosh! I was there too! I can point to my seat! To this day... I will never forget that concert!!! Especially NO QUARTER!!!

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Stephanie's picture

Thanks so much for the video of the show. I was there on March 10, 1975. I remember the fantastic green laser light display too. I have the same ticket stub that is shown on here.

sam's picture

i was there front and those years...sam

neil mill's picture

it was and alway be one of the most wild concerts of its time . Zeppelin now lives on with my children and grandchild.....

John Britsas's picture

I saw this front center 10' from stage,I was 15,
saw '73 S.D. my 1st. concert I was 13, also '77 show !

Steve McNary's picture

Best tour, best song list, loudest show ever.

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