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Stairway to Heaven (NY 1973)

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on April 17, 2008 - 12:35pm
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From Led Zeppelin "The Song Remains the Same" dvd

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Madison Square Garden - July 27, 1973


thiago barros's picture

melhor solo de todos os tempos....fantástico

Name's picture

Amazing !!

marcas's picture

jimmy is the man

kevin doris's picture

By far they greatest song in rock and roll....hmm up for debate....or is it...

jitamitra deb's picture

This number is evergreen&eternal. It'll be relevant till kingdom come. It's divinely ecstatic & probing vocals combined with one of the finest pieces of guitaring work is absolutely at the pinnacle of spiritualism.The last line says it all "To be a rock and not to Roll".

christian's picture

led zeppelin=awesome

Paul M. Hedberg's picture

This version from the film is the best,no feedback,no distortion...if you notice in the film their are shots of the crowd just standing,just mesmarized throughout,sort of like church.That solo is the greatest moment in the history of recorded music,not just rock or heavy metal or whatever.

andreas's picture

Its not only THE song of the century - it also triggers a lot of personal emotion

Mayra's picture

De más está decir que el solo es lo más grandioso que pude haber escuchado.Este y todos los solos que vienen de Jimmy Page.
Son grandiosos,en sí.Los admiro profundamente.
Y dudo que en mis dieciseis años pueda escuchar algo igual o que lo supere.
Si tan sólo pudiera ver en vivo a Led Zeppelin una vez más,haría lo que sea para estar ahí.
Tan sólo una vez más.
And the song remains the same.

Mey, from Argentina:)

Barry's picture

This Guitarsolo of Jimmy Page is simply the BEST!!!

Dani's picture

En este concierto Led Zeppelin demuestra que es el mejor grupo de la historia por mucho que la gente diga que son los Beatles, y los que dicen que son los Beatles, demuestran ser unos incultos.

Tori Wooff's picture

I just wish music was still as amazing as this now, I'm 13 and a MASSIVE fan of Led Zeppelin!

Jose Zamudio's picture

Stairway is the best song ever made in history i will love tis song for ever

haris's picture

what a song......i beleive its the best inspiration for dreams....
the solo song ever

Tom Strange's picture

The greatest rock song of all time, period.

Mark W's picture

"Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven", the theme song for a generation!

Karen's picture

I Love This Song He Is A Very Good Singer !

Nick's picture

Best solo ever. PERFECT GUITAR!!!

Anurag's picture

Greatest song ever written, played and sung.
It won't happen again.

Steve DeJong's picture

I saw them play in Albuquerque, N.M., One of the few truly memorable times during those foggy days. Long Live Led Zepplin!

Mark's picture

Simply the best

Cheryl's picture

Best song written, ditto! many memories to this one. :)

Thomas Crown's picture

one of the best rock songs ever written,everybody knows this one, black white, Asian, does not matter

Marco's picture

Oh man Led Zeppelin is the best. I collect 45 rpm singles and i'm having 2 of the 150 promo singles of Stairway.I even got one on blue vinyl that's in my jukebox. People that come over to our house are always surprised to hear Stairway coming out of the jukebox.

craig's picture

stairway to awsome. screw the backmasking lies, u guys rock,no matter wat people might say about stairway to heaven being stairway to hell, forget those people u guys trully rock. u guys should leet the music games use ure song, that would be fun,go on tour again to, come back to boston. just dont tip over subway trains.

Gerhard's picture

Thank you for your wonderful music....and please come back!!!

Stairmaster's picture

I have seen these guys several times over the years and they remain to be the best out there! Stairway to heaven is the ultimate anthem that will never be matched!!

Rob's picture

Best song EVER


Simplemente la mejor banda de toda la historia y la mejor cancion o mejor dicho una Obra de Arte "Escalera al Cielo"

Verne Charlesworth's picture

I used to go to Hells Angels parties in the 80's. Everyone would shut up and sit down when this came on the stereo...some things were and still are..sacrosanct. When music was respected, not just listened to.


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