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Tucson 1972 (8mm film)

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on December 29, 2009 - 4:10pm
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8mm fan footage of Led Zeppelin live in Tucson, AZ 1972 

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Tucson Community Center - June 28, 1972


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I was there I I was 15 and there with my gal and best friend  it was my birt was my B-day (15th) and Zeppelin wished me happy   Birthday. Long story why it happened but leave it to my                My British Mom.  It was a great concert and great night      

Jennifer's picture

I remember this show well. I was 16 and it blew me away!

Jack's picture

Best rock concert ever. Trippin on lsd25

Ernie Rico's picture

I was there, 4th row left side of the stage, this was the best I seen Led Zepplin ever play. Robert Plant apologized for the concert performance in Phoenix years earlier which I was there. 

hollis's picture

I was 12 years old 10 rows back changed my life.very cool find after 40 plus years thanks for caring !


Manny's picture

I was there!

Name ERG's picture

Wow June 28 1972 was my birthday I was a whole 4 years old amazing just thinkin about the mighty ZEP playing at the same time!

Michael's picture

My vote for best LZ song, tie - Whole lotta love; Black Dog

Brandon's picture

ahh stairway to song ever....

Jim Wilson's picture

I attended this show (2nd row) and my ears rang for 2 days.......but it was a good ring! Tucson was a hot spot for live rock 'n roll in the 1970's - most groups bypassed Phoenix and came to Tucson (not sure why). The Mighty Zep played for close to 2 hours and it was the last show of their 1972 tour. They came to Tucson a couple days after they recorded shows in LA that turned into the "How the West Was Won" album (yes....I said "album" :-). What a treat it was. We saw The Rolling Stones, Jethro Tull and Led Zeppelin in 11 days in was a fine summer indeed!

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I was there I I was 15 and by Terry hanson (not verified)
attended concert by Jack (not verified)
Great Performance! by Ernie Rico (not verified)
I was 12 years old 10 rows by hollis (not verified)
I was there! by Manny (not verified)
1972 Tucson Concert by Jim Wilson (not verified)
Wow June 28 1972 was my by Name ERG (not verified)
Led Zeppelin by Brandon (not verified)