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Whole Lotta Love - Promo Video (1997)

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on April 20, 2008 - 6:25pm
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"Whole Lotta Love" official promo video (1997).

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Ramon's picture

Pioneers in rock'n roll

Ruben's picture

The best band in the WORLD.. We need a tour!

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EER's picture

simply awesome

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Brandon's picture

There's no band in the world that can ever top the Zeppelin title there music is epic and will live for ever..

Deborah's picture

I was rocking to these guys 30 yrs ago and still am ROCKING!!!!

Richie's picture

Saw Them live in Schenectady N.Y. late 60s this is and all ways will be the best band ever, Love you led ,Richie

Shadow's picture

I love to listen to Led...My mother is a huge fan though...she loves them...

Name's picture

Magnificent !!!

LycoS's picture

Esta cancion es una de las mejores de toda la historia, y tambien una de mis preferidas de Led Zeppelin....
Ademas el sonido de la guitarra me mata es lo mejor

saludos desde colombia..

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jeff's picture

Even my goosebumps have goosebumps just effing amazing.

Namepedro's picture

The Best numero uno machines lo escuchabamos I remember the 60's en el chuco texas and juaritos

Ajzabel's picture

LZ is my life!

leo razbad's picture

i've followed this band since their start and have loved their music 4evr. we've all gotten older, but the music they've created will continue to entertain us all. LED ZEPPLIN will allways remain the same...

Nick's picture


Matt Klima's picture

Led Zep are the Gods of Rock. Without a Doubt the Greatest Band Ever!

Name led zep angel's picture

led zepplin will always b with me. total respect,ur music is like no other. love & honor to the gods! xxx

GreenLight's picture

They are a greate part of my life.

rita's picture

hi ya rock!!! i would say my favorite song but, they all are great!!! even now you cant beat the 60s and 70s music!!!

Rosana's picture


David C. Sherman's picture

The mighty Led Zeppelin please make another world tour come down hard.

D. Sherman

Deric's picture

Led Zeppelin Forever. Best in the world. Thanks so very very much. Lis n sense early 70ds

Gabyy's picture

From Argentina: The best band ever!!! In this band are the best: Guitar( Jimmy Page) Bass and Organ(John Paul Jones) Voice ( Robert Plant) and Drumer (John Bonham†) nobody is going to be the same as Led Zeppelin grettings!!

Shawn Frederick's picture

You don,t know how much this band's music as helped me over the years. And it is helping me through a bad time right now. It started when I was 4 years old and my older brother brought LedZep 2 home and played Whole Lotta Love. That was it, I have gyrated to it ever since. Thank you Pagey, Pearcy, Bonzo in Heaven, and Jonesy. Your the best.

e-ksotik's picture

Just great....!!And so sexy...
Love them...

Gerardo's picture

this is led zeppelin forever

Lorraine's picture

There will never be a band like this again! I saw them in concert as a teen and many years later, they still get my heart pumping (along with other things)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ShriMpee 324's picture

Jon Bonham is BA!


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