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The O2 Arena - December 10, 2007

  • Good Times Bad Times, Ramble On, Black Dog, In My Time Of Dying,  For Your Life, Trampled Underfoot, Nobody's Fault But Mine, No Quarter, Since I've Been Loving You, Dazed And Confused, Stairway To Heaven, The Song Remains The Same, Misty Mountain Hop, Kashmir, Whole Lotta Love, Rock And Roll
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on October 15, 2007 - 2:25pm
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December 10, 2007
United Kingdom

Good Times Bad Times, Ramble On, Black Dog, In My Time Of Dying,  For Your Life, Trampled Underfoot, Nobody's Fault But Mine, No Quarter, Since I've Been Loving You, Dazed And Confused, Stairway To Heaven, The Song Remains The Same, Misty Mountain Hop, Kashmir, Whole Lotta Love, Rock And Roll


Led Zeppelin reunites with Jason Bonham on drums for the Ahmet Ertugen Tribute charity concert. Official release, "Celebration Day", on audio cd, blu-ray and DVD on Nov. 19th, 2012.

Original 2007 announcement page, here.


Led Zeppelin reunites with Jason Bonham on drums for the Ahmet Ertugen Tribute charity concert. Official release, "Celebration Day", on audio cd, blu-ray and DVD on Nov. 19th, 2012.

Original 2007 announcement page, here.


Good Times Bad Times, Ramble On, Black Dog, In My Time Of Dying,  For Your Life, Trampled Underfoot, Nobody's Fault But Mine, No Quarter, Since I've Been Loving You, Dazed And Confused, Stairway To Heaven, The Song Remains The Same, Misty Mountain Hop, Kashmir, Whole Lotta Love, Rock And Roll


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Led Zeppelin no matter where or how old will always bring solice, pleasure and a feel of the future or another time to anyone. Their music, talent, feel of a joy or memory for themselves or for anyone who listens, is there. Their name is Led Zeppelin as ONE, but it took four amazing men to make one powerful perception of many people's lives. Led Zeppelin is an amazing story of life, tales, chances, miracles, sorrow, pain and passion! We will always have the past and look forward to the future with Led Zeppelin!

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Hard to believe that two years have passed since the O2 concert, I was one of the lucky one's who managed to get a ticket and so fulfilled a life long dream to see Zeppelin live. One of the best days of my life and I only had to travel from Edinburgh! Brilliant concert, will live with me 'till my dying day. Now all we need is the DVD! Thanks guys!

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It´s really a kind of magic!
Unfortunatly I´ve never seen them alive, but I know one thing for shure: everytime I hear any song of them, there´s a kind of magic around my heart and I feel the seventies again. There´s no other band that was so complexe like Zep - no matter if it´s blues, folk or rock: every song´s great! Thank you guys for making such beautiful music!

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I would crawl through a mile of broken glass to see you guys one more time please you are not getting any younger and either are we the fans!!! Help Led Zep deprived for to long!!! Hope to see you soon.

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I have been a Zeppelin fan since the beginning and wasn't lucky enough to get a ticket. How about giving us a chance to see you guys. I notice plenty of "celebrities" got tickets. I have spent hours queuing for Zep tickets in the past and feel cheated.

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Flew into the UK and had a blast...what a great, great show. Fulfilled a promise I made to myself years ago...if they ever get back together again...I am there!

Just hope they now tour stateside. The O2 was a fantastic venue and was fit for what is now looking like Led Zeppelin's last show ever.

The trip was worth every effort...thanks ebay...thanks NyKoRnMaN...thanks Delta...thanks Gainsborough...and most of all, thanks Jimmy, Robert, John Paul and Jason!



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Don't forget us in the U.S. We'd love to see you guys!!!

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Wow, just checked youtube to see some of the concert and YES, they're back! Plant's voice is in good form, which I am happy to hear, because I really thought he had lost it for good (must be good herbs, vitamins?). Page also in good form. They have always been my favorite hard rock band, indeed I think they brought integrity and intelligence to the art form, which is rare in that genre. But for it to work, you need the "hutzpa" (sp?), the energy and power to make it effective, and this band knows how to use it and control it. Also, unlike most similar bands in the 70's, they never lost the blues and r&b in the music. This is what for me really makes them great. Bravo, again. Rick

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Jimmy, Robert, John, Jason, PARIS is waiting for you

What do you think about Stade de France : 80,000 fans there for you, your music, in memory of Bonzo

With love


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just play again we came from California to London to see the show and would do it again in a heart beat that has got to be one of the best concerts ever.... release the video from the show already we have waited a year to be able to re-live the concert in its entirety

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I live in Italy, in 1979 I couldn't go to Knebworth because I was waiting the call for the military service (at that time it was compulsory). In 1980 I was doing the military service and 3 months before the end of my service John Bonham passed away, I still remember the moment I got the news from a friend and I cried. In 1983 I saw Jimmy Page at the London ARMS concert (both nights) and then through the years I saw Robert, Jimmy & Robert and John Paul several times but I was still missing something : a LED ZEPPELIN CONCERT ! Finally on the 10th December 2007 my dream came true. I was in the third row standing right in front to center of the stage, I don't have enough words to describe my emotions. But I can tell you something I have always been sure that this concert was going to be spectacular and I didn't have any doubts about the quality of the performances of Jimmy, Robert, John Paul and Jason (he made his father proud). THANK YOU FOREVER !

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I was robbed by being born in 1974 and being musically unconscious until I was 8 when I started listening to Men at Work. In 8th grade I dug through my mother's record collection and pulled out Led Zeppelin's 4th album. I played it on an old record player that I had just bought by selling my Transformers collection. No lie, I skipped dinner that night as I played through the album, start to finish 5 times before finally turning in. I was hooked.

After that I bought every Zeppelin album there was... twice. I bought the posters, the book, the movies, the patches. Course being the mid 80's it was mostly cheap knockoffs meant to appease late-comers like me. People who never got to see the band live.

Over time tastes change, I discovered other music and spent much time listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Jethro Tull and my Zeppelin collection finally got a chance to rest.

I started a band with some friends of mine in college, a rock band with a bagpiper. Still going today and it's a lot of fun. I play guitar and produce the bands records, something I've found that I have a knack for though I never knew why.

Then recently I told my neighbor that I was a Zeppelin fan from way back and had recently started listening to them again. He loaned me his 2 DVD set "Led Zeppelin". I was glued to the television for the entire 5 hours that the DVD ran. Watching the band live as opposed to just listeing to the studio recordings was an eye opener for me. I always wondered what Jimi did with those intricate guitar parts live when he couldn't overdub and I always wondered what John Paul Jones did with those organ parts when he couldn't play the bass. It was like a classroom for me and I payed attention more during that class than any I've ever taken.

The more I watch them and the more I listen to them I realize that my own studio work and live work is directly a result of Led Zeppelin. Sure I turned on to other music as a kid and listened to it over the years but I'm amazed at how soulful, innovative, creative and otherworldly the music of Led Zeppelin is. I was always put off when someone referred to them as a heavy metal band or a hard rock band because to me that meant AC/DC or Kiss. Don't get me wrong, those bands are great and all but Zeppelin has always been so much more. It's frustratingly indescribable.

So point number 1 is to say thank you to the guys of Zeppelin, all of you, you've made it fun for me to create music on my own and, like thousands of others, have given me inspiration... I just hope that I can use it well.

Also being in a band I know that no matter how many applauds and accolades one gets from fans who really dig your stuff a lot can be undone from some ignorant slob who chooses to put you down. Point number 2 then is to say that I would sacrifice my future music making career, sever my left arm and personally beat those people aside for the chance to see Zeppelin perform live because, as stated above, being born in 1974 meant that I was only 6 when you guys stopped in 1980.

Sadly I wasn't one of the 20,000 who got a ticket to your show in 2007, so I think you need to give all of us another chance ;-)



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Jimi Squire here from Newfoundland ;

As of Dec11 - 07 ; there is now a new standard , by which we will judge ; the bar has been raised to yet a higher elevation ; so high that, this morning we all have stiff necks.

I feel confident in saying , that the boys are very well pleased with themselves ; and so they should be.

Plant said that he felt a little awkward , with the audience ; well to remain an Idol into the next generations of music lovers ; speaks volumes.

Those Guys always ran a tight ship ; and from now on ; it's the
"" Mothership "".

The whole thing was well put together ; being the pros that they are ;
one would never say it was a reunion ; just another extension of themselves.

If you were there, you know ; if you were not ; read the reviews and weep.

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You're fantastic, and i heard you every day. Especially "Stairway to Heave", that's great.

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Please don't deny your fans in the U.S. a chance to see this historic reunion. If so, do not play Bonnaroo !!! You can pack just as many people in a venue all by yourselves.

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i will write it in spanish (my english is not so good).

we all miss john on drums, but... jason es un digno sucesor de su padre. let him take his father's seat behind zep's drums. él se lo merece !!!

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Hey, I love you guys! I LOVE Led Zeppelin!!!! I din't have much of a chance to get tickets to the London reunion, so I am asking you please please please please please please please please tour the US this year????? I know sooo many fans that want to see you and would pay big bucks! One of my dreams is to see Led Zeppelin before I die! I'm only 27, so I didn't get to see you in the old days! PLEASE PLEASE tour again this year! I cannot tell you how excited I would be if you were to announce a US tour!!!! PLEASE TOUR!!!!!!!!!!

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Happy 65th trip around the sun, Jimmy. Your music is the fine wine of rock and roll - only sounding better with time.

I learned about your music from my dad.For those who haven't heard you I think "oh how sad".Happy Birthday Jimmy.Led Zeppelin rocks!


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We need new sparks

Rui Miranda's picture para quem quiser ver a review em português

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Robert came to Malta, how about a another reunion over here.
Rock on Giants

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I just wanted to pass along a few words at the Led Zeppelin Concert. I attended that concert on 10Dec07. What an awsome concert. I actually won the trip from my local radio station 94hjy, Providence RI. It was one of my dreams to see the band. My dream came true and till this day I am Dazed and Confused about seeing the concert. I hope they tour again, if not, at least I can say I saw the band.

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I wasn't one of the lucky few who drew the winning lottery for tickets to the concert, although I checked my email every day and the website everyday until all was lost. I even entered into contests to win those coveted tickets. My point is- the show was wonderful, but only from a birds eye view through the computer screen at YouTube clips. Mere leftover crumbs of the fabulous feast that only few attended.
I would love an opportunity to see Led Zeppelin live- in the U.S.A. before we are all too old.

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Can't wait top see Led Zeppelin tour in the states.make my millenium guys.....

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Missed the gig, but Mothership is FANTASTIC,you gotta listen LOUD...Keep on rocking boys...

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It was the Fall of 1980...and I missed seeing Led Zeppelin by THREE bleeping weeks (Bonzo RIP). They were scheduled to perform at Montreal first, then onto D.C. for three dates. If Zepp ever tours again (and it better be soon b/c I'm middle aged), they should pick up where they left off from the cancelled 1980 U.S. Fall dates. I hope they do tour! 27 years and three weeks is a long time to go without a live Zeppelin experience.

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I finally had my first opportunity to see Robert Plant (playing will Allison Krauss in Tahoe). Mind blowing! Amazing in any form & the Zeppelin riffs where over the top. What a surprise for me. Not Led Zeppelin, but it's as close as I figured I may ever get. Please Please tour, let your fans once again rally in your talent.

I was listening to Mark & Brian today on the Eagle 96.9 (KLOS in So. Cal) w/ Foreigner. ...And Led Zep was a point of topic when they were interviewing Jason. Heck, could the motivation be more that the fans -- rather honoring the talent & life of John. One more loop through the world...Ramble On.

...well with whatever you decide thank you for what you've brought us.
Cheers, kc

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Steeply !!! And when will i see DVD ?

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Ive been to over 200 concerts in the last 30 years or so, and this was clearly the best. They were just amazing.

Here are some photos I took:

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lo mejor del rock LED ZEPPELIN - new york city

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I love Led zeppelin since I was 13 and at my 40's still my favorite is the best band EVER!!! the music died the day they stop playing, PLEASE TOUR!!!!! come to the states!! love you

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please please, come to argentina and i can die in peace, please!!

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Was the reunion concert as loud as a normal Zep show???????

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As a mum with two children, one under the age of one, I still did my best to get there (to no avail), but couldn't get quite as silly as I guess I otherwise could have in my efforts. Nevertheless, I'm prepared to go to quite some length if I ever get another chance to see them! Please, can I have another chance?

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I can't wait for the day it is announced that Led Zeppelin will return to Chicago, Zep make a true fan happy and let me see this happen, PLEASE!!!!!!!

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This show is hot! Simply the best of all four documented reunion concerts they played! From the opening bars of Good Times Bad Times it's obvious the band rehearsed so long that caused of a near perfect playing through the whole show. Jason sounds really fantastic and his playing is very similar to his great late dad, John. Jimmy is in a peak form - his solos are tight, full of energy and he didn't miss anything tonight! Just listen to In My Time Of Dying - a pure genius. For Your Life is played live for the first time in its entirety here as well as Ramble On. Dazed And Confused and No Quarter are playing in a more compact, shortened versions but it doesn't means lack of magic. Kashmir is bombastic and two heavy encores closing this spiritual event.

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Thanks God & Thanks Devil, First congratulations to the LedZep members, I hope they will made a new disco and go out to WorldTour. Led Zeppelin dont has gone but they are back, LedZep is the Real RockGroup in the WorldWide Music History. sorry for my english.-


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I am ready to fly anytime anywhere to see this band. Having just seen Van Halen Dec 22 in Oakland, Ca made me long for a fantastic Zeppelin production. I was raised @ Day On The Greens in the 70s & 80's where all of the biggest bands rocked my world... we need more of that back in our lives! Peace and please go for a world tour!

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I would first like to thank Zepplin for Enriching our lives with there music! They have brough so much joy to my life . it is so hard to say what they mean to me . words can't discribe the feeling i get the mir mentoin of there name, I grew up listening to them. The first and in fact all the songs my then boyfrend (now husband)ever dedicated to me were Zepplin songs. the lulaby i sing to my children are Zepplin songs. thats how much a part of our lives they are. It would be the greatest privlage to actualy see them in consert LIVE! PLEASE ,PLEASE ,PLEASE come on tour to miami!!!!!

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Led Zeppelin
02 Arena, London

Siane Daley

The long awaited concert by rock legends Led Zeppelin took place tonight, and didn’t disappoint the 20,000 fans who had travelled from the four corners of the globe to witness the bands’ brand of rock-drenched blues.

The concert, which was held as a tribute to Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun, attracted a celebrity audience which included Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, Jeff Beck and Dave Gilmour.

Ertegun died in December 2006, after an unrivalled sixty-year music career, during which he shaped the music landscape of the 1950’s, signing ubiquitous artists such as Ray Charles and The Drifters.

In the 1960’s Ertegun worked closely with Stax records and helped develop the careers of Aretha Franklin through to Dire Straits in the 1970’s. His credits include signing Mick Jagger & The Rolling Stones to Atlantic records, even though other labels had offered the band more money.

After warm-up sets by Paolo Nuitini (Ertegun’s most recent signing), Bill Wyman & The Rhythm Kings, Paul Rodgers and Foreigner, the moment that the audience had been waiting for arrived.

Archive footage of Led Zeppelin’s seminal gig at Tampa Stadium was shown, with the voiceover informing us that this concert outsold The Beatles. The roar of the 20,000 strong crowd was deafening as the band came onstage opening with the track ‘Good Times, Bad Times’. Led Zeppelin laid their credentials from the off, and proved that their renowned stage energy, fire and skill has remained largely untainted after 30 years.

‘Ramble On’ came next, with powerful vocals from Robert Plant, combined with Jason Bonham’s dynamic drumming and the head-down, thrash-it-out guitars of Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones

‘Black Dog’ got a great crowd reception due to its heavy authentic Blues sound and explosive guitar riffs, that had the audience singing along word for word. ‘Black Dog’s’ melody is still modern and fresh-sounding reflecting the cyclical nature of the music industry.

Jimmy Page’s wailing, screeching guitar-work continued into the opening chords of the track ‘In My Time Of Dying’ and Plant’s intense, concentrated facial expression mirrored the song’s lyrical sentiment ensuring a sincere vocal delivery. ‘For Your Life’ was announced by Plant who said; “This is our first adventure with this song in public”, followed by the rousing, uptempo track ‘Trampling Underfoot’ which retains a rootsey blues feel.

The tempo shifted with the ballad-like track ‘No Quarter’ enhanced by Plant’s plaintive heartfelt vocals, set against Bonham’s dynamic drumbeat and the soft sensuous keyboard, which had the audience captivated.

‘Since I’ve Been Loving You’ came next. Plant said, “We first heard Robert Johnson’s blues when we were staying in Mississippi”. Zeppelin’s interpretation pays homage to the blues, yet appropriates a rock feel with Page’s frenetic energetic guitar solo midway through the track.

Plant continues, “It was difficult choosing songs from ten different albums for the set-list tonight, but there are certain songs that have to be in there, and this is one of them”. At this point, the band launched into a transcendent, stand-out performance of ‘Dazed and Confused’, followed by the highlight-track ‘Stairway to Heaven’ which was a definite crowd favourite, signalling a flurry of mobile phones held aloft and unanimous crowd swaying.
‘Song Remains The Same’ and ‘Misty Mountain Hop’ followed in quick succession before Plant addressed the audience again. “People from 50 countries have come to see us tonight – this is the 51st country!”, he declared, as the band played the opening bars to ‘Kashmir’. What followed was a sublime ten-minute rendition of the song that brought the house down with Page adding a climactic guitar solo.
First encore track ‘Whole Lotta Love’ featured the nimble guitar-fretting from Page that the audience had come to expect. For the first time during the concert, Plant allowed himself to smile, evidence of the pressure and expectations placed on the band by the audience and the world’s media at large.

The gig ended with ‘Rock and Roll’; a heavy rock-track unleashing the quintessential Zeppelin riff.

Rumours continue to circulate that Led Zeppelin will play further re-union gigs, but to date this remains unconfirmed. However, judging by the band’s performance tonight, any future concerts may well outsell The Rolling Stones reunion tours.

Siane Daley

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I went to both the Knebworth gigs in 1979, which kind of merged into a single experience for me, and posted a single-line review of these gigs on this site indicating the August 4th gig as the best I have ever been to. The reason I didn’t go into great detail is that, apart from a few instances (queuing all night for tickets, camping out the night before the gig, the rush I felt when Page hit the opening note of TSRTS, the moment the smoke bombs went off just before they played Kashmir), it’s a bit difficult for me to remember specifics after nearly 30 years. I certainly know a few other gigs have come close over the years, but never quite matched Knebworth 79.

The O2 gig in 2007 is a different matter, all the details still very much fresh in my mind. So, here’s my story….
It all started in the middle of the year, when I first started hearing rumours of a reunion. These have been cropping up every so often over the past 25 years, so I didn’t really pay much attention at first, but as time went on, they became more persistent, and when a venue and date were being mentioned, and even advertised on some ticket sites, I started paying attention. Not least because the venue mentioned, the O2, was in South East London, where I live. Led Zeppelin playing a one-off gig up the road from me? Too good to be true, surely. When the day of the announcement finally arrived, I was all ready to head off to the O2 at a moment’s notice, even though I expected the tickets to be distributed in a similar manner to the Live 8 concert in 2005. Well, the means chosen was of course the now-infamous ballot method. I had the same problems as everyone else getting onto the site, but finally managed to get on and register, but by the day the draw took place, I had already come to the conclusion that my chances of winning were virtually nil (actually something like 100/1 by my calculation), and had investigated the ticket shops in Charing Cross Road who were quoting anything up to a thousand quid per ticket. Given the strict rules governing the ballot, I couldn’t quite see how they would get hold of tickets anyway. Of course October 1st came and went, with no golden email for me, but this was of course totally expected. My next stop was inevitably eBay, where the passcodes started duly turning up. Harvey Goldsmith had already made it clear that the winners of the passcodes had to be the person that bought the tickets, but what about all the people that were buying with a passcode they had been given by their aunt, friend, boss, etc? Something told me this would be my only chance, so I plunged in and checked out the ‘buy it now’ codes. OK…let’s go for the cheapest one, which had only been posted a couple of minutes ago…whoops already gone! Lots of people out there thinking the same as me. OK, next one, costing a bit more…got it! Then straight onto Ticketmaster where I have the choice of standing or seated. Well, I know how they work, seated will probably keep offering me stuff way up high or right over to the side. If I had hours to try again and again I might eventually end up with something decent, but sitting in the office at work, I don’t have too much time for this, and the head of my department (a huge Zeppelin fan!) has already seen my buy the passcode, so I don’t want to spend too much time mucking about. So…standing tickets it is! Having secured the tickets, I now have to endure a couple of months waiting to find out of this will all work out; the promoter is quite clear I won’t get in…and my tickets will be cancelled within 14 days. As time goes on, however, the howls of protest start building, and it becomes evident that I’ve probably got away with it! I have a bit of a guilt complex, but the bottom line is that the touts have got hold of quite a few of these, so if I hadn’t bought them, someone else would have got them anyway!
So…after a few weeks, I start feeling a little more comfortable. Having taken quite a risk, I had of course bought a pair. The ‘obvious’ thing to do with the spare is flog it on eBay and get my money back….but there’s no way I want to do that. No doubt this would have gone to another fan, but I feel that even though I had the money to achieve this (and I’m certainly not a rich man), money should not be the deciding factor in who receives the other ticket , it should go to the person that deserves it the most. I need to go with another fanatic, someone who gets as much of a buzz out of this as I do. After reading through the posts on the (old) Zeppelin site, I eventually arrive at a short list of three candidates, out of which I chose Caz, AKA Chicken. Luckily the other two, leddy and brpsled both managed to get into the gig under their own steam anyway, so I think fate directed me to the right guest. I wrote to Caz letting her know the situation, and she agreed to join me, despite not knowing for certain whether this was all going to work out.

Of course time slowly passed by, and apart from a near disaster (I was due to fly to Japan on December 14th) when Jimmy broke his finger, the great day finally arrived, December 9th. In retrospect I would have gone down on December 10th to collect the ticket, but originally thought I would be busy during the day, only finding out at the last moment that I was not. Anyway, Caz and I finally got to meet face to face, along with her boyfriend Bob, who joined us for loads of queuing during our time in Greenwich, with no reward for him! After a couple of hours slowly shuffling forward to the ticket desk, I handed over the sheet of paper with the reference number. I must admit, by the time I was certain there would be no problems…everyone else was walking away with the prize, and I’m sure loads of people in the queue had cheated the system like me! It was all over in a couple of minutes…here’s the tickets, write down your names on a bit of paper, have the wristband fitted….and finally it’s in the bag…sorted, as we Brits say! I was not just glad that it had all finally worked out, but also really pleased for Caz, who had travelled halfway down the country and effectively put her trust in a complete stranger. We posed while Bob took a photo, the pair of us looking like the cat that got the cream. We then went into one of the O2’s expensive bars to celebrate with a bottle of bubbly.

December 10th…finally the great day had arrived. After about 30 minutes queuing we were into the arena, and selected a pitch about 20 feet in front of the mixing desk. The security had been virtually non-existent, and I was a bit annoyed that I had decided against smuggling in my minidisk recorder, but I knew plenty of others would have done so, therefore the bootlegs would be available by the end of the week. The gig kicked off with a so-so prog rock run through of an ELP song from the late 1970’s, and then Bill Wyman’s band took to the stage, acting as a backing band to a number of singers such as (Swan Song artists) Maggie Bell and Paul Rodgers. This was all great, especially Paul, who sounded as good as when I saw him with Bad Company nearly 30 years ago. ‘All Right Now’ was exactly the kind of song this crowd wanted to hear, and he went down a storm. Unfortunately this was followed by the dire Foreigner, who made their power ballad even more inappropriate by bringing on a kids choir to sing along with the chorus. I really could have done without this, but the night was all about celebrating Ahmet Ertegun, and they did have connections there I suppose…I just think they could have come up with an alternative. Thankfully they only played the one song then made there exit.

Next up was the band we had all come to see. Would they rise to the occasion? I knew that other 1960’s bands could still carry it off. In 2006/2007 I had seen the Who four times and the Stones three times, and they were both great, although they both had extra members on stage. More to the point, in 2005, I had seen Cream four times, a band I never dreamed I would get to see, and they were way better than I could have hoped for, the final Albert Hall gig being second only to Knebworth ’79 as far as I was concerned. As for Led Zep: Jason Bonham was an unknown quantity to me, but I knew he had to be good to be on the same stage as the other three, no matter who his father was. JPJ was always totally reliable, so I was quite sure he would be fine. Robert Plant I had seen many times over the years, so I knew his voice was still in fine shape…the only slight worry I had was the man with the guitar. Jimmy Page in his heyday was only ever matched as a rock guitarist by Hendrix, as far as I’m concerned. However, his playing went downhill rapidly after Zeppelin split, and he has been trying to climb back up to the top of the pile ever since. He was pretty good playing with Robert in the 1990’s, but with loads of other people up on stage, I felt they were there to take the load off Jimmy to an extent. Would he manage to regain his old vigour tonight?

The lights go down, and some news footage of Zeppelin’s 1973 gig in Florida starts on the big screen behind the stage. The end of this herald’s the band’s arrival, as they launch into Good Times Bad Times. Robert takes a couple of lines to get going, but is soon in his stride, Jason Bonham is clearly up to the job, JPJ sounds OK, but a bit low in the mix to really stand out. Jimmy goes into his first bit of lead guitar, and there’s a huge roar of approval from the crowd around me…and there’s no doubt about it, the guy’s on form. At some points over the next two hours I watch the fingers of his right hand, projected onto the backdrop screen, turn into a blur, just like they did in 1979. He’s still got it. Not quite as fast as in his prime, but still well up to the task. The first and second songs, while great, are obviously placed to allow the band time to warm up, and the engineers to get the measure of the venue. Next up is Black Dog, and this is the one where the band hit their stride. Led Zeppelin have reclaimed their crown as the greatest rock band ever. Caz got a little emotional at this point, and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was meant to be there, fate guided me in choosing my guest. The guys onstage kept up the momentum for the rest of the gig, In My Time Of Dying, Kashmir, Whole Lotta Love…how can you go wrong with a set list that contains such gems? During Dazed and Confused Jimmy produced the violin bow, and while I’ve seen his do this a few times over the years, to see him do it onstage with Led Zeppelin, during this particular number…wow. Seeing him standing in the middle of the laser pyramid, creating that amazing sound took me straight back to my teenage years, and I felt exactly like I did as a 16 year old, standing watch him do the same thing at Knebworth. You can see footage of this on TV, but actually being there is a whole different thing!

The overall impression of this gig was that out of the hundreds of concerts I’ve been to over the years, this has to rank in the top three, alongside Cream’s final night at the Albert Hall and of course, Knebworth, 4th August 1979. After all the negative press Led Zeppelin got in the 1970’s, it was very pleasing to see the string of five star reviews in the press. I can only say that I feel very lucky to have been one of the fortunate few that actually got in to see this fantastic concert…they could easily have sold out 100 nights in this venue if they wanted.
Without doubt I’ll remember this night for the rest of my life.


Chelsea V's picture

I was born exactly 8 years after Zeppelin's final performance together so being lucky enough to get to see most of Zeppelin with Jason was phenomenal. A dream come true would be the biggest understatement of my life. I eat, sleep, and breathe Zeppelin and they shook me (pun intended). Kashmir was killller, and Plant really impressed me when he hit the high notes. He made me cry haha. I went there just wanting to see as much of my favorite band as possible and left feeling like I might as well not spend any money on any more shows for the rest of my life because nothing will ever live up to what I experienced that December.

I found a bootleg cd recording of the show and it brings back all of the happy memories that was the 02 gig. I really hope a dvd is made and released. Impeccable show to close the phenomenal Zeppelin book with. Thank you Percy, Jimmy, Jonesy, Jason (R.I.P John Bonham), and even Harvey for making anything dreamt possible.

ben's picture

Please I beg you to go back on tour so my family and I can watch the legends at work!

Michel Ramatuelle france's picture

This was a peace of heaven, really. I'm 42, i've seen many time Jimmy and Robert in concerts but never Led Zeppelin. I've seen the O2 show through DVD taken on the net, thanks to all of you !!! This show made me shiver, cried so many times. So much feelings during those 2 hours, even through a tv screen! I just imagine if i could i've there, i will surely be dead today !!!
Epic song : Kashmir, this is the 51st country... for me it was the first.
A country we all call : HEAVEN.

ernesto's picture

please when Dvd Concert l live in london 12-10-07 great reuniun!
thank you! good bye Ernest

Erick - Southamerica's picture

Hope Led Zeppelin could tour the world again, with Jason on drums. ¿Could it be possible for them to come to Southamerica?

Name's picture

jimmy page still has that old pedal board GAHD that thing is big! It was a great concert and I hope they tour and they should have another album come out! awesome! BlessJimmy, John Paul Jones, Robert, and of course Jason in the name of his father, I crown the, the new Bonzo!

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