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Eissporthalle - July 7, 1980

  • Train Kept a Rollin', Nobody's Fault But Mine, (Out On the Tiles intro) Black Dog, In The Evening, Rain Song, Hot Dog, All My Love, Trampled Underfoot, Since I've Been Loving You, White Summer ~ Black Mountainside, Kashmir, Stairway to Heaven, Rock and Roll, Whole Lotta Love.
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on September 23, 2007 - 9:13am
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July 7, 1980

Train Kept a Rollin', Nobody's Fault But Mine, (Out On the Tiles intro) Black Dog, In The Evening, Rain Song, Hot Dog, All My Love, Trampled Underfoot, Since I've Been Loving You, White Summer ~ Black Mountainside, Kashmir, Stairway to Heaven, Rock and Roll, Whole Lotta Love.


The final Led Zeppelin performance.


The final Led Zeppelin performance.


Train Kept a Rollin', Nobody's Fault But Mine, (Out On the Tiles intro) Black Dog, In The Evening, Rain Song, Hot Dog, All My Love, Trampled Underfoot, Since I've Been Loving You, White Summer ~ Black Mountainside, Kashmir, Stairway to Heaven, Rock and Roll, Whole Lotta Love.


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I was there,and also in december when they came back to finnish the show

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I've been there. I was only 17 that year and it was the first time I saw Led Zeppelin live. And the last time, too. After Bonzo's death there was no longer any Led Zeppelin. This band existed from1968 to 1980. Everything after are nice welcomed memorabilia, bu not Led Zeppelin.

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I had moved to Berlin a few months before this show and was ecstatic when I read they were coming. It wasnt too crazy to get tickets and I invited two friends who didnt know the band very well, telling them it would be a concert they'd never forget. The hall was a typical echoey space. Our seats were along the side about halfway back and halfway up. No big video screens in those days, so we weren't able to see the small movements the band made, but I got a thrill knowing they were right there.

The band seemed a bit worn down from the tour. I was dissapointed with the show, I must admit. It was rather uninspired. It seemed like a quick blast through some hits and a few new tunes from ITTOD, which struck me as not sounding as Zep like as the others. They didnt play much from Houses of the Holy or Physical Graffiti, and it seemed to be over quicker than I expected. - I'd seen them at MSG in 77 and they played 4 hrs. I think this was about 2.

Of course, little did we know at the time that we were in fact lucky enough to witness the bands last show. In spite of what I thought that night, I wouldn't trade it for anything. Still hoping to find a decent CD of the show (or tape/DVD?)

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The last show of the tour and the last Led Zeppelin show ever! This show alternates between brilliance and boredom, especially from Jimmy. But the good moments are very good. Since I've Been Loving You is a great version and there is a lot of experimentation with a very long and great version of Trampled Underfoot and a long version of Stairway To Heaven. Whole Lotta Love is a long jam that sounds great. Amazing bass from Jones as Jimmy spits out guitar flourishes and Robert and Bonzo cook behind this. One of the two shows from the 1980 Tour that didn't have Achilles Last Stand. But as the last ever show there is historical significance here.

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I thought this show also went on the border of brilliance and sloppyness. The opening numbers were very good. before Hot Dog, Robert comments: "We've done 16 towns in 21 days. This is the last concert, so we intend to have a better time, perhaps than we have done before, and if that doesn't bleed something out of the crowd, nothing will." little did Robert know, it actually was the last concert! Ever! Trampled Under Foot is very long and the solo from Pagey is just a little sloppy. Rain Song and All My Love are perfect and very emotional. White Summer is very long and fairly boring. Stairway is the longest live version here, at 14 minutes! but Jimmys solo is fairly sloppy. The encores are amazing and close out the final Led Zeppelin concert ever.

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yeah..none of the shows were professionally filmed on this tour..but there could possibly be 8mm footage of this show somewhere? anyone know where I can find Zeppelin bootlegs?

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Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.'
I'm so sad, I'm only 17 and I could never go to their concert... And when I saw date of their last concert (July 7 - my birthday)... I'll listen their music till my death... BEST band ever!
John Bohnam - Rest In Peace :(

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I was stationed at the US Army hospital in what was then West Berlin as a 18 year old. I went with a group of 4 friends and we had a blast. I clearly remember "In the Evening", "Hotdog", and "Stairway to Heaven." Little did I know that it was the last concert-hindsite is 20/20. Anyway thanks for the memories.

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I was 13 and living in Berlin when a friend at school offered me one of the 3 tickets he had for this show. I was still into the Bee Gees at the time, but he convinced me to go, and we went down to the ice rink in the morning and waited all day to get a good spot in line.
When they opened the doors there was a mad crush and we exploded into the hall and ran as fast as we could to the barriers at the front, 6 feet from the stage! After a long wait the lights went off and there was a huge push which crushed us into the barrier. The security guy pulled us under the gates and let us sit with him, leaning against the stage! We were right next to Jimmy Page's left foot.
I was not that familiar with their music at the time, but I vividly remember Black Dog and feeling like my head was going to explode. I also remember Page drinking what looked like a bottle of OJ, but I assumed it was mixed with Vodka, he seemed pretty drunk. This was probably the 3rd concert I had ever seen, so I thought it was fantastic at the time, but to hear it now you realize that the performance was pretty bad.
After the show I spent all of my allowance on 3 posters and a t shirt. The posters all gradually were destroyed over the years, but I still have the very faded, tiny, black shirt which I wore to death.
I became a big fan after the show and bought all of their albums (LPs, of course), and then 2 months later Bonzo died and I was crushed.
Great memory, though.

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I was there also. I was 14 years old and spending the summer with my brother who was stationed the Berlin Brigade. I remember the crowd being somewhat reserved and when Plant announed the next song to be a song from texas, south bound suarez, you could hear the hoops and hollers from the american service members that were in the crowd.

I had a ton of great pictures, a concert tee, and my in-tact ticket stub but along the way they were all misplaced during family moves. I really miss the concert stub because it was only torn a little bit and basically in one piece.

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Man! You know, no matter how long you live your experiences still remain so fresh as yesterday. Seems not nearly 30 years to the time as Led Zeppelin's last concert performance on that day in Berlin, and I a young airman in military intelligence. It blew me away I could get a ticket the day before the show because I saw them sellout in OKC 3 hours flat in their '77 show there. Do you remember how Plant fired a spotlight crew member from the stage? Remember Jimmy breaking a string during Black Mountain Side and having to re-string it onstage while being booed? Zep seemed so tired and hard and fed up compared to '77. I guess that may be why they cut the rest of their European tour dates off. They just had a lousy crew.

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I'm a little confused by the meaning of your post. What did you mean by "and also in December when they came back to finish the show"?

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You won't be finding any dvds but a cd would be easy to find if you search for it online. You also may find some 8mm footage on youtube. I'm not sure if they have any from this particular show but they do have some footage of this tour. It may be in there somewhere.

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I believe he means the O2 arena..which wasn't in Germany.

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If there's any song that would be about Texas it would have to be Hot Dog. They never performed Southbound Suarez live.


And yes, the guy posting about "finished the show in December" is just being poetic or humorous referring to the 2007 reunion show w/Jason.

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I was a 20 year old student and bought a concert ticket for about 70 DM

from a girl in front of Eissporthalle, I was very excited about Led Zepp,

it was a nice show, but some songs were completely different from the studio versions.... Kashmir was fantastic ....I ll never  forget how Robert Plant jumped onto stage with a blue T-Shirt...... nice memories

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