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Messenhalle - June 27, 1980

  • Train Kept a Rollin', Nobody's Fault But Mine, (Out On the Tiles intro) Black Dog.
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on September 23, 2007 - 9:03am
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June 27, 1980

Train Kept a Rollin', Nobody's Fault But Mine, (Out On the Tiles intro) Black Dog.


The show is stopped after Black Dog because of John Bonham suffering from a food illness.


The show is stopped after Black Dog because of John Bonham suffering from a food illness.


Train Kept a Rollin', Nobody's Fault But Mine, (Out On the Tiles intro) Black Dog.


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I was stationed in Bamberg, and we had an Army bus that would take us to concerts in Nueremberg. Like a previous commenter, I wish I had kept my stub as well. As was the case with many concerts in Germany, the Messehalle floor was packed and if memory serves a bit sweltering. I had my wine skin, which I took with me to concerts. I recall Peter Grant coming out to the stage, threatening not to allow the band to come on until the crowd backed off the "f@@@ing bloody stage." Many began hissing, and it created a bit of an intense atmosphere. After what would happen, I had to wonder if what was really bugging Grant was perhaps Bonham not being fit to come on.

But the band did come on. I recall a powerful "Train Kept A Rollin," followed by "Black Dog." I don't recall the song listed between the two. Then the band began with the Intro to "In the Evening" when Bonham collapsed. Concert over. Official word is he was ill, but I think in hindsight it was obvious he was tanked. What a tragedy. From all accounts, on a personal level he was a decent guy.

From a selfish point, I had waited many years to see Zeppelin. Several years before that, while in HS, I had tickets to see them in Kansas City. The show and tour were cancelled after the tragic death of Robert Plant's son. The Nuremberg show was really a big disappointment. Oh well, "The Song Remains the Same" is always there.

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I was at the show in Nuremburg. I thought we were going to be crushed at the gates before they finally opened. We were at the front of the stage and I remember that just prior to Zeppelin coming on, someone set off a huge smoke bomb. The place was filled with smoke and I think that had something to do with Bonzo falling out. I can tell you that they played more than 2 1/2 songs because I distinctly remember them playing "In the evening" We used our ticket stubs to get into the Munich show a few weeks later.

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I was at this show, man were we ever hyped and excited for this show and then it did not happen. I still have the ticket stub. :(

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I was at this LZ concert in Nurnberg back in 1980. First of all, the Messenhalle was way to small for the crowd and sound. It was two and a half songs of total distortion. Secondly, I doubt Bonham surrered from food poisoning...we could all tell he was drunk the minute he took stage. He knocked over the same cymbal twice and was all over the place.

After he fell over his drum set during Black Dog, the promoters told us to keep our tickets and the band would be back tomorrow... yea, right.

Pretty disappointing night. Never did get the opportunity to see them again. Still love the band.

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This is the complete show ... Bonham collapsed after Black Dog because he ate too many bananas and had a severe stomachache! Too bad as they are playing with guts and quite a bit more energy than on some of the other shows on the tour.

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I was there as a U.S.G.I. and was extremely disappointed by only getting 2 and a half songs from the mighty Zep. My soon to be wife was also there to see them for the first time. I seen them in the states in '77 and was happy to return my stub for a full refund. In retrospect, I guess I would have treasured the stub now to have proof of seeing their last tour. Oh well, Zeppelin still rocks to this day! J.B. RIP!

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I was at this show that was general admission in a place about the size of a high school gymnasium. I was stationed in the Army in Erlangen about a 20 minute train ride away. We had been waiting for this show for months!
I had a brand new 35 mm Minolta camera and was ready to shoot some photos. I began working my way through the crowd towards the stage for a better view. I shot pictures on the way to the stage. Most of them feature John Bonham, because he was on a riser and I could see him over the crowd. Just as I was getting close to the stage, he fell off of his chair behind the drum kit. After several minutes, an announcement was made that the show was canceled and would be made up in a few weeks. We left broken-hearted and hoped for a return engagement. Sadly, his death shortly thereafter prevented this from happening. I am glad I got to see this show, and luckily had seen them a few times in the States. I still have my memories and their music to keep me rockin!

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It makes for a great piece of conversation that I saw the original Zeppelin band then and they quit after 3 songs. I was a GI at the time, and was issued a refund for my $15 by their mngt. at my base PX. How time flies........

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Hallo zep fans
I was at this concert-shit sound- after the concert 3 songs- the tour manager say the concert will be cancelt- so the half people from
the audience go out from the messehalle- and some other people bring
stones from the street and hit the stage whit the stones-
after the usa military police come and hit some people white the STICKS-was a end- later we see the tour manager-and he saybonham are finish- you can have your ticket money back----
zepp for ever

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I was also at this concert, in fact I was working for the local promoter (Mama Concerts). I was on a chair lift behind and about 20 feet above John Bonham running the spot light on Jimmy Paige. The band was wasted and I could not even recognize the songs they played. They had partyed at a disco in Roth before coming to the Messehalle (correct spelling). Still love the band but the fans my wife included never did see the concert they paid for.

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I was at this show it was great to see Led Zeppelin. A group of us that were in the Army went to this show and had a great time if only for 3 songs. This is the only time I got to see them.  RIP J.B.

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I was there also. I was stationed at Montieth Kaserne just outside of Nurnburg. There was a group of us 6 or 7. We were so hyped to see The World's Greatist Band. We had partied hard the night before and all that day leading up to them opening the doors. I was soo blitzed I could barely function but was having a great time. The sound was bad as others have said, everything was so loud and distorted. I remember it was Black Dog and then he just collapsed in the middle of doing a little drum roll across a couple of the tom toms. The crowd went nuts, they started throwing things. I seen beer bottles going through the PA speakers. The M.P.'s came in first and most of the GI's started exiting, then the polizei came in and started knocking heads, we knew we had better get out cuz it was getting real serious in there. Outside it was chaos, it was only by luck I got out of there without getting hurt. I also got my money refunded but wish I had kept the stubs. Good memories all the same. RIP John


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I was at this show, heartbreaking it had to be stopped early.

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I was there the night Bonham hit the concert floor with a thud and the curtains closed to conceal what was happening behind the scenes. My two friends, all of us US Army and stationed in Ansbach, waited breathlessly for them to right things and continue (the concert had JUST begun) but it didn't happen. After long, long minutes of waiting, they announced the cancellation. We were speechless. So close to hearing and watching one of our favs only to be totally and wholly downcast while leaving. Also, the venue was a small place; we were just a stone's throw away from the stage. Forty years later, not forgotten. I can still see him laying on the floor.1

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