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Aerodrome - August 20, 1969

  • included: Train Kept a Rollin', I Can't Quit You Baby, Dazed and Confused, You Shook Me, How Many More Times, Communication Breakdown
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on September 20, 2007 - 7:00pm
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August 20, 1969
United States

included: Train Kept a Rollin', I Can't Quit You Baby, Dazed and Confused, You Shook Me, How Many More Times, Communication Breakdown


Two shows, 8pm & 11pm.

'69 Programme Click here to view the 1969 Tour Book

Promoters paid Led Zeppelin $8,000 per appearance. "I remember Robert Plant smiling and saying, 'It's so nice to be in sunny Schenectady' recalls Jim Furlong, owner of Vestige Music Shop in Albany. "A year later, Zeppelin were filling Madison Square Garden."


Two shows, 8pm & 11pm.

'69 Programme Click here to view the 1969 Tour Book

Promoters paid Led Zeppelin $8,000 per appearance. "I remember Robert Plant smiling and saying, 'It's so nice to be in sunny Schenectady' recalls Jim Furlong, owner of Vestige Music Shop in Albany. 
The band attended Jeff Beck's performance at the Aerodrome on July 9, 1969. 


included: Train Kept a Rollin', I Can't Quit You Baby, Dazed and Confused, You Shook Me, How Many More Times, Communication Breakdown


Mike Annis's picture

I was 16 and only came because the guitar player who was in my garage band wanted to see Jimmy Page. I didn't know much about Led Zeppelin, but thought it would be a fun trip. Four of us drove down from upstate NY. I remember that we were in awe of the warm up band and didn't want them to stop playing. Then they announced Led Zep and introduced Page, Plant, Bonham, and Jones. We were sitting at a table, in a pretty small venue - very close to the stage. I was absolutely amazed. Never heard anything like the sound they produced. It was the most incredible concert I've ever witnessed - and I've seen countless shows over the years.

Needless to say - a diehard fan was born that night. It's has always been one of my most cherished music memories.

Marianne Higgins-Barone's picture

I was at the shows. Both of them. Two of the best shows I ever went to. One of my greatest bragging rights was when I tell the young hippies today I saw Zeppelin for 4.00 in a former bowling alley. They love it. And so did I

Name's picture

it was awesome. i went with joan. i think fred bay was manager then. i went to jr. high with him.marc longo

Jonathan's picture

I played the Aerodrome with a band called BOO!...can anyone out there remember anything about us?'s a bit difficult filling in the spaces.....thanks for any and all....Jonathan

Albert Hazen's picture

Wow this was my first concert and it was great. Went with my brother George,and cousins Russ and Sam.

kevin bartlett's picture

Thought I should chime in with my two cents as I worked sound and lighting for that gig. Sadly the "sound system" back in those days was a 100watt Bogen amp with volume knobs only and 2 Voice of the Theatre speakers hung by the stage. Amazing, especially when Robert wanted more vocals. Yeah right ! There was a maximum volume and then feedback. That was it !! Seriously ! We did what we could. A little known fact is that about a week or so earlier Rod Stewart made the same request for "more vocals" when the Jeff Beck Group (Truth Lineup) was there, accompanied by Page, Plant and Jones. So imagine Beck, Stewart, Wood, Hopkins, Newman gigging with those friends in tow. I had the pleasure of guarding the bathroom door for the rather shy Mr. Wood, trying to get Jeff to answer some questions into a microphone, which he claimed he was "terrified" of and getting Mr. Plant to do a radio station ID promoting their upcoming show. We worked on the pronunciation of Schenectady for some time until we decided it was futile.
All the bathroom stories were true and then some.
Before the boys left that night they decided it would be good fun to see how much havoc one could reek on a Pepsi machine with a Les Paul. Amongst my duties at the club was readying the venue for the next show which had me sweeping up the next day. The dressing room was strewn with guitar parts and soda machine guts. I still have one of Jeff's volume knobs and can't for the life of me understand why I didn't claim more. I guess I thought a broken guitar neck was worthless. Silly me.
A side note is that Jimmy Page and I coveted each other's tee shirts and swapped even. Big fun those gigs !

Mark Luce's picture

I was there at the 1st show, the "underage" show; it was 5 days before I turned 16. I went with a few friends and my mother drove us and picked us up later. Fantastic show, I think only their 1st album had been out at the time and being a guitar player / singer who was playing a few of the songs in a band at the time (Good Times Bad Times and Dazed And Confused I remember we played) it was a mission from the God Of Rock to be there, and what a concert, to actually see and hear live what we heard on our record players was overwhelming; keep in mind this was in the days when there was basically no college FM radio who played this sort of thing, maybe 1 station RPI in Troy NY who played CSNY, Allman Bros. but not Zeppelin, when the first album came out in 68 it was like music from another dimension so I think the RPI's of the world didn't know what to make of it, they were probably still pissed at Dylan for picking up an electric guitar, just joking (maybe); Aerodrome I'm guessing probably could accommodate about 1500 to 2000 people and it was packed but for Zeppelin it would have been a small show and in that capital district area I'm surprised there weren't thousands more hanging outside wanting to get in. I remember the power of it, Page with his violin bow, the guitar solos and Plant with his high bluesy vocal and Bonham's drumming, just fantastic, we became different more serious musicians after that; and as a side note I remember specifically after the show ended all 4 of them came down into the audience and were mingling with the "underage" people, I shook hands with Jimmy Page (along with nearly everyone there) and he looked at me with his long hair in his eyes and smiled that Jimmy Page smile and shortly after that I was standing near the rest rooms (I think waiting for a friend because we had to get out for the next "18 an older show") and Plant came up to the ladies room and opened the door and yelled in if there was anyone who wanted to "ball", I don't remember if he had any takers. I never had the opportunity to see them again.

john eisenhart's picture

Went to see Zep in Schenectady. Sat on the floor 30 ft from stage. Bonham's kick drum looked huge. Column speakers broke up when Plant sang. They did "The Lemon Song" of Zep II that hadn't been released in the US. Page used the violin bow. Loved the band then but didn't realize, of course, that the material would remain so strong for soooo long. Great show.

Quack's picture

Saw them at the Aerodrome, Went to see Yardbirds Page...left a zepplin fan. what a show

Steve A. Jones's picture


Aerodrome memories still echo

First published: Tuesday, June 6, 2006

It''s been nearly 35 years since some of the nation's best-known names in music played at Schenectady's Aerodrome, but Frank Popolizio is repeatedly reminded about the place.
"Hardly a day goes by when somebody doesn't tell me they remember having a blast at the nightclub," Popolizio said. "Sometimes our crowds reached around 3,000."

Back then, I was a sports reporter hanging out with jocks at corner sports bars, listening to Frank Sinatra on jukeboxes and totally uninterested in hippie crowds/music.

While I don't remember the Aerodrome success, after Popolizio rattled off some performers' names, there was no reason to doubt his crowd estimates.

Janice Joplin, Billy Joel, Led Zeppelin, B.J. Thomas, Brooklyn Bridge, Vanilla Fudge and Three Dog Night were among marquee guest artists. The Aerodrome was located in the ex-Woodlawn Lanes, a 32-alley behemoth demolished long ago to make way for a shopping plaza.

"At some concerts the lines of fans stretched six, seven blocks. There was never a nightclub like this in the Capital Region," Popolizio recalled.

He, business partner Pat Ragozzino and a couple cousins were gofers, bartenders, bus boys, ID checkers and managers. "We did everything to make the place go,"said Popolizio, who went on to become one of Schenectady's biggest landlords.

Jack Rubin of Chicago was the money behind the operation. He ran the show from 1968 to 1972 when ill health put him out of business.

Because of the constant Aerodrome inquiries, Popolizio plans to create a Web site with many old photos. "I discovered an incredible bond between Aerodrome fans. I've been involved in many things, but that was the best period of my life."

Jon Rice's picture

First concert I ever went to....age 15. Sat at a table (yes, table - night club format) in front of the stage...15 feet away from Plant/Page. The atmosphere in a venue the size of the Aerodrome is beyond belief....never to be duplicated for a group like LZ. By far my favorite concert experience.

Tom Viola's picture

and i went to woodstock.. The 11 oclock show was great i was 19 we sat on the floor.. wish i ould see them again... brings back great memories thank u guys tommy v

russell sage's picture

my band spyder was the opening act.

nelson's picture

I was there. My first rock show. There were two show,a early show for under age group and a late show for eigthteen and over. I was seventeen. It was great. After the show we went to Howard Johnson's to call for ride home and the Zep show up to eat at Howard Johnson in a black Cadillac Herase and Robert Plant gave us the finger. That all it took I was hook on the music. What a show.

Marianne Higgins-Barone's picture

I FINALLY have a witness to that experience. I was standing right outside the ladies room when he did it. He had several takers ;)

Paul Hill's picture

I was there and BOO was Eddy Anninius ( spell check) John Page and John Smead... is THAT YOU????? John??? Which John.. Smead was the Drummer... Page was IRONICALLY the guitarist.
I was part of the BIKER crew... it was Roberts Birthday.. we "had" a good time.....

Jerry Pepe's picture

I was at that show with my best frend Ned....UNBELIEVABLE...we did a couple doobs and some blotter acid...had my tie die overhall on...needless to say...the seats (on the floor) were on top of the band...a once in a lifetime venue for them and experience for me and my bud...chicks all over...drinks flowing.... i don't think there were more than 1000 kids there, that's hard to believe,we're talkin ZEPPELIN , but the concert was unforgetable!

Mike's picture

I remember Spyder. Besides warmup to Led Zeppelin you guys played at Aerodrome a short time earlier on your own. Maybe two weeks before Zep. Good band, one of my favorites

Mike's picture

Hi, Kevin.
I was also at the Zep show among others. I remember you from there.
Red hair as I recall. I was a regular attendee of the "kiddie shows" on Sundays and Wednesdays. I remember The Hassles, Ozz and Ends, Bits and Pieces, The Sundowners, BOO, InSex, Page One, Fever Tree, Vanilla Fudge, Canned Heat, Country Joe and the Fish, Chicago Transit Authority, Ten Wheel Drive with Genya Ravan, Whitney Sunday, Wilmer and the Dukes, Portable People, Jam Factory. MC5, the fake Zombies, Charlie Smith. Spyder
I really loved that place, Sorry I never got to play there.
I used to smuggle a fifth of rye in the pocket of my trench coat and spike everyone's cup of Coke from the soda machine. The good old days.

Paul's picture

John Paige, John Smead and Eddy Aninaious..
I remember you played MURDER IN MY HEART FOR THE JUDGE real well... Which John are you? the Lead guitarist or the Bass Player, I know Eddy was the drummer,

Mike's picture

I remember BOO very well. You were my favorite local band. 3 piece, Hendrix and Cream covers. Eddie played a Hagstrom 8-string bass. John Page played a Les Paul that's probably worth a small fortune today. Drummer was John Sneed (I think). All great players.
I remember a curly haired guitar player who sat in at the end of one gig. Excellent blues player. No idea who he was.
You guys did a tune called "Apricot Brandy"

Mike P's picture

I remember BOO! well. 3 piece, covered lots of Hendrix and Cream.

 BOO! was my favorite Aerodrome band.  Saw you guys several times.

I met Ed the bassist in 1970.  Which Jonathan are you? If you're Jon Page I also knew your brothers Jerry and Jim. Posted this a while ago but it didn't show up. Not sure why. Mike Feel fre to email me.

Jerry Pepe's picture

I was there with my friend Ned.....unbelievable venue...i don't think there were more than a thousand people or so. I was 10 feet from the band ...who know how huge they would become. I had my tie-dyed overhauls on doing blotter acid and drinking vodka tonics...needless to say, and unforgetable concert, lol

Ken Tucker's picture

I'll second that 'braggin' rights' email and 'raise' you.  While I made the second show (at the Aerodrome, and, i was fan-effing-tastic, whattyathink?) - I played this same stage 5 months earlier in a Battle of the Bands.  So...there it 'is': I played in the same venue as Zep.  #justsaying  #sweet

Mark Luce's picture

I was at the second later show, it was packed and it was great. After the show, the four of them came down off the stage and shook hands with as many people as possible, I shook hands with Jimmy Page; they were all very friendly and mingled with everyone after the concert but of course the doors clsoed maybe about a half hour after the concert was finished.

Jim's picture

I was there and I want to think CTA opened for them. Please someone refresh my memory

Thom Joubert's picture

Yes, I was here for this historical event along with my friends (some mentioned in previous posts K Tucker & M Annis), from upstate NY, Ticonderoga. I was with a group of 6, having to wait until after 5pm to have a car available from my friend's father who had to finish his workday before handing the keys over. We arrived for the first show @8pm, the under 18 crowd as none of us was over 17, and I remember Spyder was playing a little ditty by Ten Years After, "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl". I was so used to hearing/seeing our local high school & garage bands, which the Ti area had many, that there were no other bands for us to compare unless one had the means to travel. Needless to say, the comparison was made while I was standing 20' in front of Jimmy Page! I loved all my friend's bands, but this was another world. We had only first heard Zep's debut album earlier that year with our jaws dropping to the floor. Who were these guys?? So, later that August '69 when we heard they were coming to Aerodrome, we knew this was a must go. This was a great start for my first official concert, a memory that will always stand out, including my friend Kevin shaking Page's hand while they were walking through the crowd after the show - and I missed it even though he was right next to me!

SUE BURKE's picture


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