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Mothership - "Definitive Collection" promo

srapallo's picture
on April 17, 2008 - 12:53pm

"Mothership - the definitive Led Zeppelin collection" promo (2007).

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Kim's picture

Better than ever - grow young you guys!


TONY's picture


Kevin Phillips's picture

Coolest video art I have ever seen! It's quite and eye opener that really pops, and is a truely fine modern day masterpiece, and another big hit. The Mothership has landed!

piccinich's picture

that was awesome

WELL - From Brazil's picture

It's simply fantastic.The video itself and all the stuff
Led Zeppelin is just like the finest wines. As the time passes it becomes even more a pleasure to listen to them.

Peter's picture

without a doubt one of the best bands ever

Adrie's picture

De beste groep aller tijden !!!!!!!!!
The best group EVER!!!!!!

David's picture

Greatest rock band ever!!

cleusa ferraz's picture

Sou uma fã brasileira ardorosa da banda, meu maior sonho é quem sabe um dia poder ver um show, de quem sabe um dos componentes da banda, em especial do Robert com Jimmy.
Beijos a todos.

Noelia-from Argentina's picture

those cd`s collection are the best of my cd`s collection

Oscar D´ Jesus 's picture

si la musica fuera religion ( y lo es ) LED ZEPPELIN seria dios (y los son )\../____ Led "fucking" Zepelin Rulez____ \../

Jeff's picture

I am now 58 years old...I saw Zepplin once in 1969 at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium and again in 1972 at Forum in Inglewood,
Ca. (see concert dates on "How The West Was One" C.D.) I was there.... they gave "killer" concerts...It never ceases to amaze me that young people today in their twenties love them just as much I still my opinion no rock group has ever come close to them or ever will...."Mothership" is a great collection of their music and videos... from back in the day...

Keren Chapman's picture

You are the greatest most unique artists ever. Your music is timeless!

brazilian fan's picture

LED ZEPPELLIN RULES!!!!!!!!!!! By: Brazilian fan

Alejandro's picture

Exelente album una joya del rock

RICHARD HOOK's picture

Holy $hit!

Geert/Brussels's picture

Listening over and over again, discovering new things every time, while reading Mick Wall's great book 'bout Led. Now that's what I call a fine day... Carry on guys!

Rob Reynolds's picture

Led Zep I, I bought when I was 13 - 5 days after it's release. Since then life was just what it was meant to be. Funny how things happen!?

Mario's picture

Sin lugar a dudas la mejor musica de toda la historia, lindos acordes y excelentes letras

Name christopher dunning's picture

the band are and still the greatest and always be the number 1 band in the world for me and every led zepp fan from start to finish. from no 1 to mothership double cd the very best always came, the best ever music that came from the speakers was pure music talent and four great men thank you for giving me the best band ,music and great tracks that when i play them it just like yesterday that all there albums were just recorded thanks for the music you produced all the love peace to R plant,jimmypage, john paul jones and the late john bonzo bonham and also to is son jason bonham .

Todd Burriss's picture

I love the way they put them together with the beat!
To cool!

Christian Hepburn's picture

You Were Right The Effect Is Shattering!!

joseph costa's picture

Mothership-"Definitive Collection" is really beautiful!!!

Nameclaudio alonso 's picture

A Música e sua importância, não seria a mesma sem Mozart ,Bethoven, Bach, Beatles e LED ZEPPELIN. O conjunto de sua obra e a influência,assim como a fusão de estilos de suas canções e a universalização das mesmas dão a dimensão de sua importância no cenário da música no mundo.
Seria muito sem graça se não tivesse acontecido a reunião destes quatro talentos e a explosão de suas ideias musicais.Pena que o destino nos reservou uma carreira tão curta do grupo.

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